Get more with a flexible schedule.
Make more with multiple pickups.
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We are currently only live in Santa Fe, NM. Coming soon to Boulder, CO.

How works

After a customer posts an order to the Fetch app, a professional driver calls your business and places the order just like any typical take-out order. That same driver then picks up the order and promptly delivers it to the customer. There’s no extra staff or technology needed on your end. Get more orders, get more business, get more with Fetch.

Deliver more than food!

Pickup from multiple places.

Chat with your customers.

New to Fetch?

Fetch is an app that will pick up and deliver nearly anything from nearly anywhere right to your door. Now live in Santa Fe, NM and coming soon to Boulder, CO.

Enter the promo code FIRSTFETCH when you check out for $5 bucks off your first delivery.