Can’t find something in the Fetch app?

Custom orders are incredibly flexible. They allow you to order items from businesses that might not have a full menu in our app. Get creative tell us where to go and what to get.

Here’s how to place a custom order.

  1. Tap on the “Personal Concierge” category on the home screen.
  2. Tap on “Custom Order”
  3. Tell us where you’d like us to pick up your items from i.e. Nambe Drugs, Trader Joes, Teca Tu Pets, etc…
  4. Tell us what you need by adding your items to your order.
  5. Pro-tip: You can add images to your items by searching product images or taking/uploading your own photos.

New to Fetch?

Fetch is an app that will pick up and deliver nearly anything from nearly anywhere right to your door. Now live in Santa Fe, NM and coming soon to Boulder, CO.

Enter the promo code FIRSTFETCH when you check out for $5 bucks off your first delivery.