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    No per item markups

    • Your menu, your prices. 
    • Fetch will not upcharge items.
    • Fetch will not require you to increase your pricing.

    No predatory marketing

    • We work closely with you to promote your products and services. 
    • We will not take over your brand name, search terms, phone # or menu online. 
    • We will not deceive customers or use your branding without consent.

    No added technology

    • No need for added POS tech, software or devices like iPads.

    No new order processes

    • Our drivers’ order, pay, and pickup just like any take-out order.
    • We time the orders the same way a typical customer would for take-out ensuring they get the food in the shortest time possible.

    Get paid after each order

    • Our driver’s pay for the orders upon pickup, no delays, no invoices, no advances and no monthly reconciling.

    More than delivery

    • Our mission is to take care of you and your customers.

    How works for our partners?


    A customer finds your business and places an order through the Fetch app.


    One of our drivers accepts the order and calls into your business just like a typical take-out order.


    Your business prepares the order for pickup.


    Our driver picks up the order and delivers it to the customer.

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