Supercharge your favorite offers

  1. Picture
    Snap to earn
    Earn sparks from every receipt.
  2. Sparks Mode
    Spark an Offer
    Choose the offer you want to spark.
  3. Points
    Earn Rewards
    Get extra points from sparks.
Sparks Gif
  1. 1. Snap receipts to earn Sparks
    Get Sparks for every receipt or eReceipt you submit on Fetch.
  2. 2. Choose an offer to charge
    Enter Sparks mode and select an offer you’d like to increase the value of.
  3. 3. Redeem for extra points
    Get points for the original offer, plus the extra points you added with Sparks.
  4. Enter Sparks mode
*Sparks is in beta and not available to all users

More ways to earn

  1. Boost
    See what brands are boosted for you.
  2. Fetch Play
    Fetch Play
    Download games for free and earn points.
  3. Ereceipt
    Connect your email and earn more points.