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Snapping Receipts

Can you snap any receipts with Fetch? How many receipts can you scan on Fetch?
How old can receipts be to scan with Fetch?
Will Fetch detect fake receipts?
How do I scan online receipts? Connecting your email and retailer accounts and scanning for eReceipts.
What does Fetch do with your receipts?

Referring Friends

How to enter a referral code on Fetch? How do I use a referral code on Fetch?


How Do I Redeem Fetch Points?
How Are Fetch Gift Cards Delivered?
How long does it take to get gift cards from Fetch?

My Fetch Account

Do Fetch Points Expire?
How To Reactivate Fetch Account? Why is my Fetch account inactive?

Fetch Company Information

How Does Fetch Make Money?
How does Fetch work / How Do You Earn Points with Fetch?
What countries is Fetch available in?
What is Fetch?
Who owns Fetch?
Where is Fetch located?
Where Can I Download Fetch?
Is Fetch safe?
Who is Wes on Fetch?