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Fetch App Reviews & User Testimonials

By Team Fetch

August 23, 2023

At Fetch, we’re always finding new ways to delight and reward our users. Check out the testimonials below and see what America’s shoppers are saying about their experience on the Fetch app.

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Fetch Reviews and Fetch User Testimonial "I can not believe how easy it is to collect points and redeem. Finding new products and purchasing has given me a new outlook on buying other brands that I had not purchased before."

Fetch Reviews and Fetch User Testimonials: "With all the prices on everything going up, we're able to afford to get some extra groceries! Thanks"

Fetch Reviews and Fetch User Testimonials: "Ya'll don't understand fetch made my christmas shopping so much more easier like less stressful and I didn't have to do a mini cry afterwards because I didn't overspend this year"


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We really love our Fetch Fam! One of our favorite things is getting hear about the positive impact the app has had on the lives of those who use it. Below are some recent Fetch user testimonials that put a smile on our face.


What is your favorite part of Fetch?

Using my points to get amazon gift cards. I send amazon packages to my children that are military and live in different states. I buy books and treats for the grandbabies and also send packages to my son in college.

-Melissa S.

I love that it is as easy as snap a picture of a receipt and done!

-Courtney S.

Hmm, the CASH or how incredibly EASY the app is??? It’s a hard choice! FETCH tops every other receipt program because it is hands-down the Easiest money I’ve ever earned!!❤️❤️❤️

-Shannon M.

Been using it for YEARS every single day! I love the new daily game!

-Haley P.

Easy to use

-Kristyn D.

Earning points for buying sometimes my everyday items.

-Scott S.

How has Fetch had an impact on your life?

Just for scanning my receipts I can earn gift cards! This helps me by taking a bit off of my total when I send my grandbabies books, treats ect. which in turn makes my heart happy😊

-Melissa S.

Fetch has helped me use my points to go towards wishlists for my children’s school/teachers without having to spend alot of my money. It is my extra money that I can use to pay it forward! 😊

-Courtney S.

Fetch has literally put money in my pocket by saving me countless dollars on ALL of my purchases. The in-ap camera is SO easy to use. Fetch automatically rewards points for every receipt. I don’t have to go through and click offers. I can just browse all the awesome products that are offering BONUSES! Everything about FETCH is Simple and Quick!! I’m super grateful!! FETCH is my absolute favorite!!!

-Shannon M.

I literally look forward to scanning my receipts everyday!!

-Haley P.

Helping me afford birthday and Christmas gifts when as i single mom i normally can’t afford

-Kristyn D.

Its helped me compete against a few of my friends in a fun way

-Scott S.

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