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How to Get Free CVS Gift Cards With Fetch and Save Money

By Katya Bychkova

August 4, 2022

The convenience of shopping at CVS is undeniable. From household items to beauty supplies and even office supplies, there aren’t any everyday products that you can’t find at CVS. So, what could make your CVS shopping experience even better? Saving money on your CVS purchases by earning free CVS gift cards!

Pregnant woman using Fetch to save money at CVS

Our guide will break down how to save money and shop smarter at CVS. 

For instance, did you know that you can shop at CVS for free when you take advantage of the free CVS gift cards you can earn using Fetch?

To better follow along with our guide, and to begin earning points for free CVS gift cards, start by downloading the Fetch app:

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Fetch Firework Jump to a topic:

What is Fetch and why should you use it?

How to save money at CVS:

A Fetch Coin What is the Fetch App and why should you use it?

You can shop at CVS and also earn free CVS gift cards simply by snapping your receipts with the Fetch app. It’s a free receipt scanning app that allows you to snap photos of your CVS, supermarket, and other store receipts to earn points that can be redeemed for free gift cards to a variety of retailers, including CVS. Snap any receipt to earn 25 points, and hundreds or thousands of points from a huge variety of popular products.

Fetch Firework How to join Fetch and start earning free CVS gift cards

Here is an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide on getting free CVS gift cards by using Fetch.

Step 1: Download the Fetch App

Fetch Google Play Store Screenshot

To start earning points, that you can turn into free CVS gift cards, and other popular retailers, you need to download the Fetch app. It’s free to download and use!

Get Fetch for your Apple or Android devices and install it on your smartphone or tablet.

Step 2: Snap Your Receipts to Earn Points

Fetch at Target

Every time you purchase in-store or on Amazon, snap your receipts with the Fetch app. To do so, click on the orange camera icon on your Fetch app. There, you can select which type of receipt you want to scan.

How to scan receipts for fetch

  • The eReceipt option securely connects to your Amazon and/or email order history and automatically converts qualifying purchases into Fetch points.
  • The snap option allows you to take pictures of your paper receipts and earn Fetch points on all of your purchases.

You will earn at least 25 points on each receipt scanned. Check out the Special Offers section on the Discover page to learn which products will earn you increased points. Some special offers give you up to 20,000 points for select promotions. That’s basically $20 in savings with one snap!

Step 3: Redeem Your Points for Free CVS Gift Cards

CVS Fetch

Once you accumulate enough points to convert them into CVS gift cards, go to the Rewards tab of the app to pick the free CVS gift card of your choice. CVS Pharmacy is one of the more popular options, as this retailer offers many everyday essentials. But you can also get free gift cards to movies, pay for magazine subscriptions, and even cash cards.

You can even donate your Fetch points to a variety of charities or use them to enter sweepstakes for huge gift card prizes.

Fetch Firework How to combine CVS and Fetch offers in one transaction

Did you know? With the Fetch app, you can get additional points on qualified products. It means you can earn both CVS ExtraBucks and Fetch points with the same transaction.

Before heading to CVS with your manufacturer coupon, check out if Fetch offers extra points on this product. 

If the couponing stars align, you could potentially score a triple discount by using CVS and Fetch together: 

  1. Get a deal if CVS is running a sale on that particular product
  2. Take a few bucks off that sale price with the help of manufacturer coupons
  3. Earn increased points with the Fetch app and convert them into free gift cards
  4. Profit!

Fetch Firework How to accumulate more Fetch points to get free CVS gift cards

To start earning free CVS gift cards more quickly, take advantage of some of the Fetch hacks explained below.

Woman reading about Fetch app updates

Strategy 1: Invite Friends to Join Fetch 

Every Fetch member is automatically a part of the referral program. Every time you invite a friend to join the app, and they scan their first receipt, you both will get bonus points to be used towards your free gift cards. You can access your invite code in the “Me” section on the Fetch app. 

The referral code is a 6-digit unique code you can share via text message, email, or on your social media. You can see the list of friends you referred to the app under “My Referrals” in the Me section of the Fetch app.

Strategy 2: Stay on Top of the Special Offers

Fetch Special Offers examples

Your homepage of the Fetch app is where the best deals are listed. Some offers allow you to earn increased points, sometimes up to 20,000 per transaction. If you happened to find the product you need from the Special Offers page, make sure to utilize this option as it gives incredible points bonuses. Some special offers are unique and will be shown specifically to you. It’s like buying your favorite products and earning free gift cards simultaneously!

Strategy 3: Get Social to Stay On Top of the Deals

Do you want to see how many receipts your friends snap to Fetch and which special deals they are up to? Head over to the Social section on your Fetch app and check all of your friends’ savings activities. Hey, you might get some ideas on which deals might work for you, too, if you somehow missed them on the Discover page.

In addition to a social aspect, there is also a savings competition part. Check out the Leaderboard to see who snapped more receipts and earned more points.

More Ways to Earn Bonus Points

A Fetch CoinHow to save money at CVS

You’ll be surprised how many opportunities are available to avoid paying full price on everyday household items. Seasonal sales, coupons, and manufacturer discounts there are dozens of ways that you can save extra cash. Most importantly, with the help of the CVS app and website, you can get these discounts effortlessly and in no time.

Woman shopping for cosmetics

These are some of the best ways to save money while shopping at CVS:

  • Earn cashback points with the ExtraCare program
  • Get bigger discounts by using manufacturer coupons
  • Save even more with the coupon stacking strategy
  • Earn free CVS gift cards with Fetch
  • Join the Beauty Club and receive free gifts
  • Consider CVS CarePass to get cash rewards

So, let’s dive into them and learn how to become master CVS shoppers.

Fetch Firework What are the benefits of joining the CVS ExtraCare Points Program?

Essentially, CVS ExtraCare is a membership program that allows you to access sales and earn store cashback (collectively known as ExtraBucks Rewards). The CVS membership is free. Anyone can sign up for it in person, on the website, or the CVS app.

CVS extra care perks

As a CVS ExtraCare member, you are eligible for the following saving benefits:

  • 2% back in ExtraBucks Rewards on qualifying online and CVS app purchases. You can either accumulate your points and spend them later or use them on your next purchase. If you only join an in-person reward program (not an app or website), you’ll receive your accumulated cashback coupon in the mail; distributed four times per year.
  • $3 ExtraBucks on your Birthday. It’s a new addition to the ExtraBucks Rewards program not many people know about.
  • Most importantly, ExtraCare membership gives you access to the Weekly Ad, where you can find all the best CVS discounts of the week in one handbook.

Fetch Firework How to coupon at CVS

Perhaps, the most convenient way to learn about all of the discounts and promotions, that are available at CVS each week, is to get your hands on the CVS Weekly Ad. This weekly printout with coupons and promotions is available at CVS stores and online at

Remember that some discounts are only available in person, and some are exclusively online. If you shop on the CVS website, you need to “Send to card” the coupon you want to use. For in-person shopping, the discounts are automatically added when you provide your ExtraCare information at checkout (coupons must be scanned before checkout).

CVS app info

Things you need to know about couponing at CVS:

  • CVS accepts manufacturer coupons, which means you can combine your ExtraBucks Rewards savings with additional discounts from the brand.
  • If you have a CVS app, you can “clip” coupons and use them online and while shopping in person. With the clipped coupon, you will know which products qualify for the most considerable discount.
  • Thursday is when CVS is emailing and texting additional coupons to those who signed up for these options. You can “clip” coupons by clicking the link and following the prompts to add them to your CVS account.
  • BOGO sales (“Buy One, Get One Free”) is one of the saving options CVS is famous for. The best part? Often you can combine this deal with a manufacturer discount and thus receive both products virtually free (even though you are always responsible for a sales tax).

Fetch Firework CVS Coupon “Stacking” in Action

“Stacking” is the term the couponing community is using to describe a saving situation when you combine a manufacturer coupon with a CVS ExtraBucks Rewards discount. You can find manufacturer coupons on the brands’ websites and coupon inserts in Sunday newspapers.

For example, I always use an extra $1 or $3 coupon on my contact lens solution that comes with each large product bottle. Combining this manufacturer coupon with a CVS promo (for instance, buy 1 get one 50% off) leads to a significant discount overall. You can search for CVS promotions in the Weekly Ad.

Fetch Firework What is the CVS ExtraCare Beauty Club and how does it work?

If you purchase makeup, haircare, and skincare products at CVS, you can save even more money by joining a dedicated beauty savings program. CVS ExtraCare Beauty Club is a free membership for beauty lovers who have already joined the CVS ExtraCare Points Program. It allows you to get gifts, access exclusive promotions, and save money on beauty and personal care items.

Screenshot of CVS beauty club information

These are just some of the benefits you can receive when joining the CVS ExtraCare Beauty Club:

  • A free gift each month when you spend $30 a month on beauty products. You can pick up your gift in person or order it online. What’s nice is that if you forgot to claim last month’s gift, you could still receive it with your next month’s gift (if you spent more than $30 on beauty products each month).
  • 10% back in ExtraBucks Rewards on qualifying orders during special sale events. For instance, during the annual CVS Epic Beauty Event, where you can save up to 50% off select beauty products, you get an additional 10% off in rewards with your ExtraCare Beauty Club membership (up to $20 total per promotional period).
  • Exclusive discounts and promos if you sign up for text messages or CVS app push notifications.

Fetch Firework Consider CVS CarePass to get cash rewards

Unlike other CVS memberships that are free to join, CVS CarePass is a paid program that costs $5 per month. If you shop at CVS often, this fee will pay itself off in no time.

  • You’ll receive a $10 promo reward every month that you can use towards your purchases.
  • Take 20% off on all CVS health products, including over-the-counter drugs, vitamins, and other products by the CVS brand.
  • Get free one or two day shipping when shopping at the CVS website or the app.
  • Most importantly, with the CVS CarePass, you receive a free one-day prescription delivery!

Fetch Firework What are the top product types to save on at CVS?

Even though CVS is technically called a “pharmacy,” it’s more of a supermarket where you can get many of your everyday essentials, from cleaning products and snacks, to cosmetics and office supplies.

The 12 Best Under $20 Beauty Finds at Ulta (1)

Next time you are heading to your local CVS or shop online, keep these best-selling products in mind, for the best value:

  • Supplements | CVS often runs so-called BOGO promotions on vitamins and supplements. It means that during certain sales, you can get two packs of vitamins or supplements for one. Chewable vitamin options by the brand OLLY are a popular option. 
  • Makeup | Finding the right makeup shades at a pharmacy could be tricky as not all offer samples. But with proper online research, you could find some great makeup deals. Brands like L’Oreal, Revlon, and Maybelline often run exclusive promotions for CVS. There is also a good chance of finding manufacturer coupons for these brands – so don’t forget to check out the deals in your Sunday paper.
  • Haircare | Out of all the beauty promotions at CVS, the haircare category is often the one that goes on sale most often. Look out for Garnier and SheaMoisture manufacturer coupons in your Sunday paper, and don’t forget that all the purchases of shampoo and conditioner you make count towards your $30 goal for receiving a gift from CVS ExtraCare Beauty Club.
  • Household goods | At CVS, you’ll find anything related to cleaning supplies, small home repair items, batteries, paper towels, dish sponges, etc. To save even more, check out the Fetch app, before shopping, to see which specific cleaning supplies and home repair products will earn the most rewards points, allowing you to redeem your points for free CVS gift cards more quickly.
  • Groceries | Depending on which state and location you are shopping at, some CVS pharmacies will have smaller or bigger grocery sections. Frozen meals, snacks, ice cream, sodas, yogurt, coffee, and tea – are all the things you can run out of quickly. To save on groceries at CVS, pay attention to the Weekly Ad printout: it always contains some deals on drinks and snacks.
  • Nutrition | It’s convenient that you can buy protein powders and bars at CVS. But, did you know that CVS also has some of the best deals on nutrition products? A famous protein brand, Vital Proteins, often goes on sale at CVS – stay on top of the Weekly Ad announcements to score great deals on nutrition and dieting supplies.

A Fetch Coin Start earning free CVS gift cards with Fetch today

Pairing the above savings tips with the free CVS gift cards you can get using Fetch is a recipe for success. Plus, earning free CVS gift cards with Fetch is both easy and fun. If you haven’t yet, now is a great time to start saving money and get access to Fetch’s huge variety of special offers.

The Ultimate Guide to Fetch

To get Fetch, for free, simply click the buttons below or scan the QR code with a smart device. Use a referral code to get even more points when you snap your first receipt.

From the team at Fetch, we wish you good health and happy shopping!

A Fetch Coin CVS gift card FAQs and how-to’s


Where to buy CVS gift cards

While CVS gift cards can be purchased from a number of retailers, you can easily get free CVS gift cards just by using the Fetch app, and who doesn’t like “free”?


How to use a CVS gift card in-store

To redeem your CVS gift card in-store, you can either scan the barcode in your email containing your CVS gift card or the cashier can manually enter your CVS gift card number.


How to use a CVS gift card online

CVS gift cards cannot be redeemed online at


How to check CVS gift card balance

To check the balance of your CVS gift card, go to and enter your gift card information.


Can you use a CVS gift card for prescriptions?

Yes, CVS gift cards can be used when paying for prescriptions in the pharmacy.


Can I use a CVS gift card to buy a gift card?

No, CVS gift cards cannot be used to purchase other gift cards.


Can I use a CVS gift card at Target?

No, CVS gift cards cannot be redeemed at Target. If you do a lot of shopping at Target, it’s worth noting that you can also earn free Target gift cards using the Fetch app.


Can I use a CVS gift card at Walgreens?

No, CVS gift cards cannot be redeemed at Walgreens, as the two companies are competitors.

Summary of the best ways to save money at CVS each month

  • Carry an ExtraCare Card – Everyone can register for a free CVS ExtraCare Card which is a loyalty card program with many benefits. Use your ExtraCare card every time you shop for 2% back on almost all purchases in the form of ExtraBucks reward points. You can also score sweet deals on sale prices in-store and online by connecting your ExtraCare Card to your purchases.
  • Subscribe to CVS CarePass – Going a step beyond the simple ExtraCard Card is CVS’s paid membership plan, the CVS CarePass. A simple $5 per month (or $48 annual) membership — which is actually free for your first month! — saves you 20% off CVS Health® brand products, free one or two-day shipping, free same-day prescription delivery, a 24/7 pharmacist helpline, and $10 in monthly promo reward cash to use every month.If you shop at CVS for anything, especially any items accumulating over $5 a month, there’s no doubt this deal is incredible. Even if all you do is use your $10 reward credit each month, you’re doubling your money back by using this membership program.
  • Sign Up for ExtraCare Pharmacy & Health Rewards – An expanded feature of CVS’s ExtraCare rewards program is ExtraCare Pharmacy & Health Rewards, which offers perks for prescription drug purchases. With this program, you’ll get $5 in ExtraBucks for every ten prescriptions you have filled. These credits — up to $50 a year — can be used to buy anything at CVS, from shampoo and toothpaste, to nail polish and magazines.And don’t forget these aren’t just prescriptions for you and the humans in your family. Add your pet’s prescriptions to accumulate “barkworthy” ExtraBucks as well!
  • Sign Up for the CVS Beauty Club – Much like CVS’s Pharmacy & Health Rewards, the CVS Beauty Club offers a special way to get additional savings on the cosmetics and beauty items you love. With this rewards program, you get 10% back in ExtraBucks multiple times a year and a free beauty gift each month with a $30 qualifying purchase.
  • Check Your Receipts – CVS is known for those extremely long receipts, and while the length of the tape roll may have become a bit of a joke, there are great offers on the bottom of those sales slips.And here’s a secret reason why you may want to choose to print out those receipt-tape coupons: Did you know that CVS machines will usually still scan register-tape coupons up to two days past their expiration date? It’s true! (Shhh! CVS often takes manufacturer’s coupons up to two weeks past their expiration date at the self-checkout counters as well.)
  • Get Smart With Your ExtraBucks – Speaking of ExtraBucks, think of these like CVS cash. You’ll earn ExtraBucks on specific purchases or even for doing things like transferring your prescription to the CVS pharmacy. You can also earn ExtraBucks every four months based on how much you spend at CVS each quarter. And what’s so great about them is that you can redeem your ExtraBucks rewards coupons individually, a few at a time, or all at once.But keep in mind that they have a clear expiration date, usually within 30 days, and they are not valid on everything in the store — prescriptions, gift cards, alcohol, stamps, and milk are excluded.If you plan ahead, you can strategize to earn and use them in the same CVS trip. By dividing your purchases into two transactions, you can immediately earn ExtraBucks and then use them on a follow-up turn at the cashier. This sneaky trick reduces your immediate out-of-pocket expenses if you tend to forget to use these ExtraBucks for future shopping. Sometimes you can even find “FREE after ExtraBucks” items. This means you’ll basically be getting a rebate in the form of ExtraBucks after your purchase to use on your next shopping trip.

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