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How to Earn Free Roblox Gift Cards and Get Free Robux with Fetch

By Team Fetch

June 6, 2023

You may have heard that you can get free Robux by using Fetch. We are happy to tell you that YES, you can, and we are going to break down exactly how to get the most free Robux possible by using Fetch. In fact, the Fetch app is a great way to get your kids into learning about financial literacy, in addition to being one of the best ways to get free Roblox gift cards!

To begin earning points for free Robux, download the Fetch App:

Apple iOS | Android

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What are Robux?

Robux (formerly called ROBUX) is the currency used in Roblox, a popular video game that has over 164 million monthly active users. Robux was added to the game on May 14, 2007. The Robux name was conceived by Shedletsky, being a portmanteau on “Roblox” and “bucks”.

Robux is known as Roblox’s primary currency by the community and staff. Currently, all paid items within the avatar shop are sold for Robux, including user-created content such as microtransactions and game passes. Basically, if you want to purchase Roblox’s in-game items, you need Robux to pay for them, and Fetch can help.

Get Robux rich with Fetch, totally free

Fetch is America’s rewards app. With over 13 million active users, Fetch is the fastest way to get free gift cards for the App Store, Google Play Store, Xbox, Amazon, and many more.

Roblox is a unique online gaming platform where anyone can make or play games. With Roblox’s in-game currency, Robux, players can purchase special abilities, avatar items, and even exclusive content.

You can earn free Robux, with Fetch, by simply snapping your receipts. Scanning receipts gives you points, which you can use to easily redeem for your preferred gift card, which you can then turn into free Robux. Follow our step-by-step guide to find out which gift cards are the best for getting Robux quickly.

How to get free Robux with Fetch: Our step-by-step guide

You can now redeem Fetch points for Roblox gift cards directly! Just go to the Rewards tab, search for Roblox, and start redeeming those hard-earned points! 

Get Free Robux with Fetch

Step 1 | Download the Fetch App

Video Game QR code

You can’t get free Roblox Robux from Fetch if you don’t have the app. Go to the (Android) Google Play Store or the (Apple) iOS Store to install the app on your mobile phone or tablet.

Step 2 | Scan your receipts to earn points

Fetch makes scanning receipts quick and easy. Just open the app, click the camera icon at the bottom of the screen and snap away. You will earn at least 25 points for every scan and hundreds of points for featured brands and special offers. You can even securely connect your email and Amazon accounts to Fetch to instantly scan all of your online receipts for points.

Step 3 | Redeem your Fetch points for free Roblox gift cards and free Robux

Once you have enough Fetch points, you can start redeeming those points for free Roblox gift cards which will then get you free Robux in-game. To redeem your Fetch points for free Robux:

  1. Open the Fetch app.
  2. Go to the Rewards tab, and select “Use points.”
  3. Next to “Categories,” click on “View all.”
  4. In the search bar at the top, type in “Roblox.”
  5. Choose the amount of your preferred free Roblox gift card. Fetch’s free Roblox gift cards are available in $10, $25, and $50 gift card amounts.

More Fetch gift card reward options that can be used get free Robux

If you’ve already redeemed your Fetch points recently and didn’t think to get free Roblox gift cards, you should know that a number of different gift card rewards in the Fetch app can actually be used to get free Robux in Roblox. Gift cards for Apple, Google Play, Amazon, Xbox, and Visa are just a few different non-Roblox reward options in the Fetch app that can still be used to get free Robux.

Rewards QR Code

Converting Robux gift cards into Robux: How many Robux is my Roblox gift card worth?

There are a number of different available Robux packages Roblox gamers can choose to purchase. It’s also worth noting that, when you subscribe to Roblox Premium, you get 10% more Robux for your money. Find out how many Robux you can purchase with your Robux gift cards below.


How much Robux is 5 dollars?

A $5 Roblox gift card will get you 400 Robux (450 Robux with Roblox Premium subscription).


How much Robux is 10 dollars?

A $10 Roblox gift card will get you 800 Robux (1,000 Robux with Roblox Premium subscription).


How much Robux is 20 dollars?

A $20 Roblox gift card will get you 1,700 Robux (2,200 Robux with Roblox Premium subscription).


How much Robux is 50 dollars?

A $50 Roblox gift card will get you 4,500 Robux.


How much Robux is 100 dollars?

$100 in Roblox gift cards will get you 10,000 Robux.


How much Robux is 200 dollars?

$200 in Roblox gift cards will get you 22,500 Robux.

More Robux FAQs and how-to’s from Fetch

Still have questions regarding how to use the free Robux you earned with Fetch? Here are a few common Roblox Robux questions we often hear from gamers:


How to see pending Robux / How long does it take to receive pending Robux?

If you have Robux still pending in Roblox, you can see your pending Robux by going to “My Transactions.”

Depending on the amount of Robux you purchased, they may be pending for up to 5 days before they are available to use in your account.

How to see pending Robux on PC:

  1. Go to
  2. Log into your Roblox account.
  3. Go to
  4. Under “My Transactions,” you can view your purchases (by selecting “Purchases”) or your incoming and outgoing Robux (by selecting “Summary”).

How to see pending Robux on iOS or Android:

  1. Open your browser on your mobile device.
  2. Go to and enter your log-in credentials.
  3. Select “Continue in browser.”
  4. Click on the Robux icon in the top right of the screen.

Select the time range (Past Day, 7 Days, etc) and then refer to the “Summary” tab where you’ll find your pending transactions.


How to refund Robux / Can you refund Robux?

Robux cannot be refunded after making in-game purchases. The creators of Roblox recommend carefully reading the item description and, when possible, using the Try On feature before spending your Robux.


How to gift Robux / How to give someone Robux / How to transfer Robux to a friend

While there is not a way to transfer Robux to a friend directly in your Robux settings, there is a workaround you can use that will allow you to give someone Robux.

In the game PLS DONATE, Roblox players can claim their own shopping stand and list items “for sale.” Once a player has a stand set up with their shop items, other players can make Robux donations to that player by “buying” items in the shop.

Most popular Roblox games: Where should I use my free Robux?

If you’re new to Roblox, you may be overwhelmed with the sheer volume of games to choose from and wondering where you should use the free Roblox gift cards you get with Fetch. For those looking for game recommendations, here are some of the most popular Roblox games:

  • Adopt Me!
  • All-Town Tower Defense
  • Arsenal
  • BedWars
  • Blox Fruits
  • Brookhaven 
  • Doors
  • Dungeon Quest
  • Flee the Facility
  • Jailbreak
  • Livetopia
  • MeepCity
  • Murder Mystery 2
  • Pet Simulator X
  • Piggy
  • Royale High
  • Slap Battles
  • Survive the Killer
  • Tower of Hell
  • Tower of Misery
  • Welcome to Bloxburg
  • Work at a Pizza Place

So start redeeming your Fetch points for free Roblox gift cards today, and put your free Robux to use in any of these popular Roblox games!

Get free gift cards for your other favorite games and systems

For our gamer Fetchers out there, Fetch also offers a variety of other ways to earn free gift cards for your favorite games and gaming systems.

Whether you play on PC, Nintendo, Playstation, or Xbox, we have the perfect free video game gift cards for you. Be sure to also check out our guide on how to get free Xbox gift cards from Fetch.

Get started now by downloading the app. Click the buttons below or scan the QR code, with your smartphone’s camera, to go to the Google Play or Apple App store.

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