Fetch Careers FAQs

Learn more about Interviewing, working and thriving at Fetch

Interview Process

I just applied. What can I expect next?
What does the interview process look like?
Who should I contact if I have questions about my interview?
How should I prepare for my interview?
When can I expect to hear back after the interview?
I have applied/interviewed in the past and wasn’t selected. Can I apply again?
I accepted an offer. What’s next?

Perks and Benefits

What benefits does Fetch provide?
Does Fetch provide Equity? What does that mean for me?
Does Fetch allow remote work?
What does Flexible PTO mean?
Does Fetch have an early careers program?

Life at Fetch

What are Fetch’s Employee Resource Groups?
What’s included with the Wellness Program?
What type of events are included with Fetch It Forward?
Where are the Fetch offices located?