How to Earn Points

With Fetch Rewards, you will earn points for purchasing products from the brands that are featured in the “Brands” section of the application. Points are awarded at a base rate of 1% of the final purchase price, but may be higher in some situations.

You may earn points by purchasing a product for which there is a Special Offer available to you. If your purchase is made within the available time frame of the Special Offer, and you meet the requirements of the Special offer, you will earn the points associated with the special offer as specified in the application.

You may earn points for completing certain actions within the application, which are referred to as Bonus Points. Bonus points may be earned by scanning receipts from accepted retailers, redeeming a reward, taking a survey, or other actions that Fetch makes available. This ranges from 1 point to 100+ points depending on the action taken, the number of times you’ve completed that action, and other factors of your application usage.

You may earn points for referring people to the application. Your points are awarded when the person you referred enters your code and successfully completes a scan of their first receipt. The value of points awarded for doing so are listed under the “Me” section of the application and by selecting “Referral Code”.

Earning of points is subject to our Terms of Service. All rates and methods of earning points are subject to change at any time, for any reason, and at the sole discretion of Fetch Rewards, Inc.