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Building the Ultimate College Shower Caddy with Fetch

By Ben

August 14, 2023

Listen up, future leaders of the world. I’m going to give you a piece of advice you won’t find in any libraries, lecture halls, or sticky-floored bar rooms across campus:

You only know you stink if someone tells you. 

If there’s someone willing to tell your face it reeks of rotting banana peels and regret, you’ve found a friend for life. 

The only way to return this act of service is to refer this keen-nosed & plainspoken person to Fetch. 

And then after that, you can rush to the nearest store (or laptop) to fill your shower caddy with point-getting products to make sure you never have to confront your own stench via a stranger’s senses ever again. 

Check Your Offers

take dog to work QR code

Wash yourself with points

College Shower Caddie

While assembling the shower caddy you’ll be hoisting from dorm room to stained shower tile circa 1947, it’s important to know you’ll be reaching for the strongest & trustworthy-est personal care products on the market. 

Luckily, Fetch partnered with brands you know & love, guaranteeing you’ll get some points to potentially spend on beer money for the weekend (more on that later). 

Let’s start from top to bottom: 

Wash away the sins from last night (and earn points) when you buy shampoos and conditioners from Dove, Dove Men + Care, SheaMoisture, & Nexxus

Sidebar for the men–let me tell you another thing you won’t find in a textbook: the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was telling you that 2-in-1 (or gasp, 3-in-1) shampoo-conditioner-body wash products were suitable for adult use. Toss those in the trash and give your scalp & skin the dedication they deserve. 

The above brands make fine soaps and body washes, too. And while we’re talking skin: Dollar Shave Club is a proud brand partner of Fetch, so you’ll usually find a great offer on their razors, shave butter and aftershave products on your favorite shopping app.

Points for pearly whites

This is a judgment-free zone, and since everyone knows college students are just sooooo busy, (or are they just world-class multitaskers?) we support brushing your teeth in the shower. A toothpaste & toothbrush have a home in our shower caddies, and our good friends at Colgate have a home on Fetch. 

You can usually find an offer on Colgate toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash and whitening products on the app. 

Look good, feel good, smell good

Obviously, properly bathing yourself is the cornerstone of not offending your neighbor’s nostrils. The defense doesn’t rest at soap & body wash. No no, you need trusted stuff from our friends at Degree, Dove, Dove Men + Care, and Axe.  Just be sure to go easy on the spray. 

Wash the hair of the dog

And finally, are you really taking a shower in college without indulging in a little shower beer? 

Take all those points you earned pimping your shower caddy and splurge on a 12-pack of your favorite beer, cider, or hard seltzer. There are loads of them in the app, including campus favorites like Keystone Light, Miller High Life, Miller Lite, Coors Light and Vizzy. 

So, warm up some water, crack a cold one, and get ready to smell your best before hitting the study sesh.

College Shower Caddie

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