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How To Get 10,000 Points on Fetch

By Team Fetch

January 10, 2024

It’s a simple question: how do you earn 10,000 points on Fetch? Rest assured, it’s a simple answer as well. Do the following and you’ll earn 10,000 Fetch points in no time: review your offers and purchase those products or brands on your discover page, try some new brands you may have not before, join the clubs to unlock exclusive offers, refer your friends, connect your email for online shopping, and be sure to use Fetch to snap your receipts every day!

How To Get 10,000 Points on Fetch

How to get 10,000 points on Fetch Rewards
These 5 simple tips will help teach you how to get 10,000 points on Fetch:

  • Check the app frequently for new offers: The offers section of the Fetch app is updated regularly, so make sure to check it often to see if there are any new opportunities to earn points.
  • Complete offers with high point values: Some offers on the app are worth more points than others, so focus on completing the ones that offer the highest point values to maximize your earnings.
  • Take advantage of bonus point offers: From time to time, the Fetch app offers bonus points for completing certain tasks or for reaching certain milestones. Keep an eye out for these opportunities and take advantage of them to boost your points.
  • Link your email and social media accounts: You can earn additional points on the Fetch app by linking your email and social media accounts. This will allow you to receive offers and promotions directly through these channels.
  • Refer friends to the app: The Fetch app offers referral bonuses for inviting friends to join. Share your referral code with friends and family to earn extra points when they sign up and start using the app.
  • Don’t forget, some offers take time. Review the app and see your “in progress” offers to see what you can easily finish and get rewarded for.

Review your offers to earn Fetch points faster

Check the Fetch app for Special Offers every time you’re at a store or making a shopping list. Take advantage of several per month, and you should meet your 10,000 point goal in no time. In the app, turn on location services and sort your Offers from highest point total to lowest. This will make it easy to find offers that help you achieve your monthly target. Fun Fact: On average, Fetch users who shop offers earn over 12X the points of those who don’t!

With hundreds of brands, and exclusive clubs that earn you more points on diapers and snacks, the easiest and fastest way to earn more Fetch points is to explore your Offers right before you go shopping, it will save you time and money by helping you earn Fetch points faster! You can even redeem offers while shopping online. Say you are placing an Instacart order, have the Fetch app open and review those offers to see if you can earn extra points on your Instacart email receipt.

Consider new brands, look, no one likes change but purchasing and exploring new brands within the Fetch app can help you earn many more points by just choosing a new brand rather than one with no offers. Simply put, when you purchase from brands in-app or products in-app you’ll earn more points and get to 10,000 Fetch points quickly.

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Refer Your Friends to Fetch

For every person you refer to Fetch, you’ll get extra points.  With a link you can send via text, social media and email, there’s no reason not to buzz your whole Rolodex.

Learn more tips on the best way to refer your friends to Fetch so you can start earning extra points faster!

How do I earn Fetch points?

Every time you snap a receipt, whether it is from a grocery store, fast-food restaurant, or clothing retailer, you will receive a minimum of 25 points! In addition to that, more points can be earned on eligible receipts from grocery/supermarkets, wholesale club stores, hardware, pet stores, gas stations, and convenience stores when you buy participating items and complete special offers at those types of stores.

Eligible receipts that contain at least one participating brand may receive a minimum of 50 points. If there are brands on the receipt that are awarded points, the snap bonus will make up the difference in order to reach 50 points. If the brand items exceed 50 points, no snap bonus will be awarded.

In order to get credit for digital receipts that are sent to your email after an online transaction, you’ll need to use our eReceipt feature. With this feature, you can connect your Fetch account to your email inbox/Amazon account and earn credit for eligible online purchases.

Check out our expert tips for earning more points.

How do I earn Fetch points faster?

As mentioned above, earning Fetch points fast is as easy as reviewing your offers before you shop. Purchasing the products you have offers on will allow you to earn points quicker than if you just got the base 25 points per receipt. There are other methods that we talked about above, but be sure to review your offers to earn points quickly!

Frequently asked questions

  • How do I earn 10,000 points on Fetch?
    • Scan every single receipt to get a minimum of 25 points, review the offers in-app to see what products will earn you more points, refer your friends to get extra referral points, connect your email to snap your eReceipts, and check out the app to look for special events!
  • What are the fastest ways to earn more points on Fetch?
    • The fastest way to earn points on Fetch is to review your offers every day before or during your shopping, purchase products that have offers rather than the products you may be used to buying, refer your friends, and snap your eReceipts!
  • How do I earn 100,000 points on Fetch?
    • First, you need to earn 10,000 Fetch points, but once you’ve done that it’s time to save your points. Do everything mentioned above but be frugal with reward redemptions, you’ll get to 100,000 Fetch points before you know it!

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