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A Guide to Referring Anyone to Fetch!

By Chris Zimmerman

April 5, 2024

Inviting people to Fetch is one of the quickest ways to earn points in the app.


  1. You share your referral code (on your My Account page).
  2. Friend signs up and snaps a receipt.
  3. You both get a free points bonus

It’s really that simple. But sometimes, it takes a bit of extra effort to convince your friends and family that an app like Fetch is right for them. Here are a few creative ways to refer everyone in your life to Fetch, so they can start earning on every trip to the store. And at their favorite restaurants. And even from their couch! 

Text reading, "Have you snapped a receipt today? Take me to the app"

Inviting Your Friends to Fetch

Smiling, laughing group of adult friends

Fetch was built to be enjoyed with friends. From the buzzing social feed to the competitive leaderboard, there are many opportunities to have fun with your crew while picking up Fetch points. 

How to refer your friends:

  • Bribe them with free Starbucks, then mention you got your gift card on Fetch.
  • Talk trash about being a better shopper until they cave and join you on the leaderboard.
  • Pull the “you owe me” card for all the nice things you’ve done for them.

Inviting Your Partner to Fetch

Husband kissing smiling wife on the cheek

You hear about household income all the time. But what about household Fetch points?! Become the power couple you were destined to be by doubling your point-earning potential together.

How to refer your partner:

  • Leave notes on their favorite food: “This ice cream earned me 2,500 Fetch points…”
  • Write your referral code in the mirror while they’re taking a shower.
  • Make a list of affordable date night ideas you can both enjoy with gift cards in the app.
  • Remind them that their favorite mobile games are on Fetch Play.

Inviting Your Parents to Fetch

Young girl smiling with her arms around her dad and grandpa outside

Referring your parents to Fetch is a great way to help them discover new brands, fun games and stay in touch with their own circle of friends. Because after all, shopping gossip is the best kind of gossip. 

How to refer your parents:

Inviting Your Kids to Fetch

Smiling group of teenagers acting silly on a couch while playing a console video game

Whether your kids are still in school or already kicking off their careers, Fetch is a great way to make their money stretch further. As long as they’re over 13, they’re welcome to try Fetch! 

How to refer your kids:

  • Send them a screenshot of their favorite mobile games on Fetch Play.
  • Remind them they can rack up TONS of points by inviting their own friends to Fetch.
  • Did we mention we have Roblox gift cards?

Grab a Referral Bonus Today! 

And then grab another. And another…There’s no limit to how many people you can refer to Fetch. You’ll earn points every time you do, and earn extra during our referral bonus periods throughout the month. 

Nothing left to do now but grab your referral code off your My Account page in the app and send it to some friends. Good luck!

New to Fetch? Grab the free app on iOS or Android and start earning gift cards while you shop, play games and more!

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Chris Zimmerman

Chris Zimmerman is a copywriter here at Fetch. Before joining the #FetchFam, he penned web content, TV scripts and more for virtually every brand category you can think of.