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Using Fetch as a Rewarding Conversation Starter

By Chris Zimmerman

June 18, 2024

One of the easiest ways to earn Fetch Points is to refer friends to the app. You can earn thousands of points for every person that joins Fetch using your code and snaps a receipt. They’ll get a bonus, too.

But what do you do when all your friends are already on Fetch? 

Here are a few places you can strike up a conversation about the app and refer your coworkers, parents and even complete strangers for Fetch Points. And who knows, maybe you’ll even make some new friends in the process. 

Refer your friends to Fetch to earn even more rewards - get the app

At the Park

Man showing woman his phone at the park

Park parents are the perfect candidates for striking up some casual conversation about Fetch. Think about it. These moms and dads have errands to run and families to feed every day. Of course they could use a little help along the way. 

Plus, they’re a very captive audience until their kids get sick of the swingset. 

Let them know Fetch can help them turn all their receipts (groceries, gas, whatever!) into gift cards. Because if they’re doing all that for their family, they definitely deserve a reward.

At Your Kid’s Soccer Games

Cheering men high-fiving in the stands at a soccer game

If you’ve got kids and find yourself making chit chat with other parents at your circuit of sporting events, drop Fetch into conversation. All those Gatorades, Goldfish and other game day snacks can rack up tons of rewards on Fetch. 

Mention the monthly Fetch Leaderboard, as well. Maybe the gripping soccer game you’re watching has fired up their competitive spirit. 

In the Office

Three coworkers chatting at the office

Tomorrow at work, skip the small talk and get straight to the points. Bring it up in the breakroom. Print your QR referral code and hang it on your desk. Share a referral link on Slack. There’s a good chance some of your coworkers aren’t using Fetch, and there’s a great chance they’ll love it! 

Pro-tip: Let your office manager know about Fetch. If they’re the one buying all the snacks for your workplace, they’ll earn TONS of points in the app. 

At the Grocery Store

Woman showing another woman her phone in the checkout line at a grocery store

There are so many casual ways to bring up Fetch at the supermarket: 

  • See a Fetch brand in someone’s basket while you’re waiting to checkout? Tell them they can get rewarded for it on Fetch. And they’ll earn even more when they sign up with your code. 
  • Did the person ahead of you forget their receipt? Run after them in the parking lot and tell them they can snap it in the app for Fetch Points. If you’re really out of breath, no worries. That just shows them you care. 
  • Someone stuck deciding between two different cereals? Let them know that one of them is worth 1,500 points on Fetch. 
  • Leave anonymous little notes behind point-earning products with a nice message and your referral code.
  • Juggle pineapples in the produce section while shouting your referral code. Or bribe a worker to let you announce it over the intercom. We haven’t tried these ideas ourselves, but they feel like they could work.

In Your Neighborhood

Women having coffee on the porch together

If your neighbors aren’t on Fetch yet, do them a solid and share your referral code. Chances are, they’re buying Halloween candy, grilling with friends and tons of other stuff that can earn them rewards on Fetch. 

It’s also a great way to get invited to future grillouts. That’s a win-win, neighbor. 

Go Have Some Rewarding Conversations 

With Fetch in your pocket, making small talk is simple. And when you refer new friends to Fetch, you’re helping them get rewarded for all the things they’re already buying anyway.

The thousands of Fetch Points you’ll earn? That’s just icing on the cake. 

Find your referral code by tapping your profile picture in the bottom right corner of the app, then selecting Refer a friend.

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Chris Zimmerman

Chris Zimmerman is a copywriter here at Fetch. Before joining the #FetchFam, he penned web content, TV scripts and more for virtually every brand category you can think of.