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Fetch… With Friends?? Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Fetch’s Social Feature

By Danny Carlon

February 6, 2023

If you’re a frequent user of the Fetch app, you may be curious about that “Social” tab on your navbar at the bottom of the screen.

Or, maybe you’ve heard from friends and family that they’re out-earning you on Fetch, and you want to set the record straight.

Whatever your reason for learning about Fetch’s social component, this article will answer all your questions so you can get started on saving with friends!

The basics

Fetch’s Social tab (which is still in beta testing as of this article) is THE place for you to connect and compete with your friends on Fetch! 

What makes it so fun is that, in addition to showing you which of your friends use the app, it also shows you how many points they’re earning! For anyone with a competitive streak, that means you’ll always know which of your friends is taking home more points than you. It’s the perfect motivator to help you maximize your savings. 

Updates in Fetch 3.0

How to find friends 

Once you’ve explored the Social tab, you’ll want to find your friends! The fastest way to find friends is by syncing your contacts to Fetch, which you can do with the tap of a button. 

Fetch with Friends Social Feature

New users that you refer to the Fetch app will also be added to your friends list (and vice versa). You can find your referral code by tapping the “Me” tab and selecting “Refer a friend” on the following screen. 

Fetch with Friends Social Feature

In addition to getting your friends in on the fun, referring users is a great way to earn tons of points!

The Leaderboard 

Let’s imagine that after a month of referring friends and capitalizing on Offers, you’ve earned the most points out of your entire friend group. Well, you deserve a little recognition!

The Leaderboard is your real-time tracker to see which of your friends has earned the most points for that month. Not only will the Leaderboard tell you who’s on track to be that month’s winner, it will also display the top three earners for the previous month. 

Fetch with Friends Social Feature

You can maximize your points by shopping our brands and keeping track of Offers in the Fetch app. Check out this article for more advice on how to earn points fast.


Even though the Social tab is still in beta, it’s already a great way to have more fun and save more money on Fetch.

You can earn extra points by referring friends, then strive to be the highest earner in your friend group. 

The best part? Winning will always mean more points (and more rewards) for you.

Start earning points today

Haven’t downloaded the Fetch Rewards app yet? No worries! Click the buttons below or scan the QR code to get started now. Use a referral code to score thousands of extra points.

To refer a friend, all you have to do is open your Fetch app, press the “Me” tab in the bottom right of your screen, and choose “Refer a friend” on the following page. 

This will take you to your referral code, which you can share via text, email, or your preferred app. There’s even a pre-written message ready to go!

Discover Your Offers

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Danny Carlon

Danny Carlon (rhymes with “calzone”) is a copywriter at Fetch. He’s written advertising for everything from Jack Daniel’s to Poise, at agencies like FCB, Digitas, and Spark Foundry.