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Celebrate National Cereal Day With Fetch

By David

February 5, 2024

If you’re like many Americans, you start the day with a nice bowl of cereal. Hot or cold, with or without milk, and fitting into any dietary needs (gluten-free, high-fiber, high-iron), cereal is one of the most versatile foods. So, of course it has its own holiday: National Cereal Day. Find out when National Cereal Day is, and get answers to some of the most popular cereal trivia questions.

And, to get even more out of your breakfast (it is the most important meal of the day, after all), shop for your favorite cereal brands using Fetch as your trusted grocery app. Download Fetch today, snap every supermarket receipt, earn points, and redeem your points for gift cards to all the places you love to shop.

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When is National Cereal Day?

National Cereal Day is March 7th. 

We don’t know the first time National Cereal Day was celebrated on March 7th, but we can trace the history of cereal way back. You might have heard how Dr. John Harvey Kellogg dreamed up cornflakes for some pretty surprising reasons, but Ferdinand Schumacher kicked off the cereal revolution in 1854. Kellogg is a familiar name, but quite a few cereals carry on Schumacher’s legacy under the Quaker Oats name.

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How Many Cups Are in a Bowl of Cereal?

If you want to know how many cups are in a bowl of cereal, we hope you’re okay with uncertainty! The average bowl of cereal has 1-2 cups in it, though most cereals have a recommended serving size of 1 cup. 

Of course, some days you want as many cups as you can fit into that bowl of cereal. Grab the mixing bowl for your next streaming binge, we won’t tell anyone.

Which Cereals Are High in Fiber?

Looking for a high fiber cereal to keep you regular? Then you want a cereal made of insoluble fiber like vegetables, nuts or whole grains. Maybe your hunt to find which cereals are high in fiber is to see your cholesterol go down and regulate blood sugar. You’re looking for cereal with soluble fiber like oats, citrus, apples or beans.

15 Popular High in Fiber Cereals

  1. Kellogg’s Raisin Bran (Kellogg’s)
  2. Cheerios (General Mills)
  3. Fiber One Original (General Mills)
  4. All-Bran Original (Kellogg’s)
  5. Bran Flakes (Kellogg’s)
  6. Special K Protein Plus (Kellogg’s)
  7. Kellogg’s Frosted Mini-Wheats (Kellogg’s)
  8. Post Great Grains Cranberry Almond Crunch (Post)
  9. Quaker Oatmeal Squares (Quaker Oats)
  10. Post Shredded Wheat (Post)
  11. General Mills Total Whole Grain (General Mills)
  12. Kellogg’s Mini-Wheats (Kellogg’s)
  13. Nature’s Path Heritage Flakes (Nature’s Path)
  14. Post Grape-Nuts (Post)
  15. Quaker Bran & Date Crunch (Quaker Oats)

You can rack up even more rewards with General Mills Good Rewards in the Fetch app, too.

Which Cereals Are High in Iron?

If you feel tired or fatigued, you might want more iron in your diet. You won’t have to look far to find out which cereals are high in iron at the grocery store; you might even have one of these in your pantry right now.

15 Favorite Cereals High in Iron

  1. Cheerios
  2. Rice Krispies
  3. Quisp
  4. Corn Flakes
  5. Life
  6. Special K
  7. Cream of Wheat
  8. Quaker Oatmeal Squares
  9. Special K Vanilla Almond
  10. Honey Bunches of Oats
  11. Cranberry Almond Crunch
  12. Special K Red Berries
  13. Alpen Muesli
  14. Fruity Pebbles
  15. Kashi Original

Which Cereals Are Gluten Free?

Figuring out which cereals are gluten free might seem a bit harder than finding which are high in iron or fiber. Cereals made from these ingredients tend to be gluten free:

  • Rice
  • Corn
  • Quinoa
  • Buckwheat

You might also be able to find your preferred breakfast cereal in a gluten-free form, especially if it’s a really popular brand like one of these:

  • Cheerios
  • Chex
  • Fruity Pebbles
  • Rice Krispies

Remember, it’s always important to check the labels on your foods. Even if you’ve found a rice cereal that should be gluten free, it might be boxed in the same facility as wheat cereals.

Bowl of healthy cereal with bananas and blueberries

Is Cereal Vegan?

Many cereals are vegan, but non-vegan cereals might not be obvious at first glance. You should always check the label to be sure, but these brands are known for producing vegan cereals:

  • Nature’s Path
  • One Degree Organic Foods
  • Kashi
  • Barbara’s Bakery
  • Cascadian Farm
  • Enjoy Life
  • Peanut Butter & Co.
  • Purely Elizabeth
  • Nature’s Cereal
  • Bob’s Red Mill

Most people eat their cereal with dairy milk, and if you’re one of them, it doesn’t matter which cereal you’re eating: it won’t be vegan. There are plenty of ways you can eat cereal without milk, though.

How to Eat Cereal Without Milk

It’s easy to eat cereal without milk. You can either eat it as a dry snack or substitute in another liquid. When most people want to know how to eat cereal without milk, they mean “without dairy milk.” Plant-based milks like oat milk, almond milk and cashew milk are just the start of your options.

You can also get creative with tips like these to add cereal to your diet without milk:

  • Grind up your oats in smoothies
  • Use crushed cereal as the base for a dessert
  • Mix your cereal with yogurt
  • Bake some breakfast bars
  • Mix up a batch of chocolate and peanut butter puppy chow

Can You Use Evaporated Milk in Cereal?

You can use evaporated milk in cereal, but we suggest you mix the evaporated milk with water before adding to the cereal. Using equal portions of water and evaporated milk will deliver a pretty normal milk consistency, but dial down the water a bit for a creamier taste.

Can You Use Half and Half for Cereal?

You can use half and half for cereal, and you’ll probably like it more than milk. One of the biggest advantages of using half and half in cereal is the crunch: your cereal gets soggy much slower. Be careful not to overdo it on the half and half, though. It’s pretty heavy and could upset your stomach or add calories you didn’t plan for.

What is Hot Cereal?

Hot cereal is a general name for warm cereals made from wheat, rice, barley, corn and, most often, oats. Oatmeal is one of the most popular hot cereals, with a nutty flavor and a creamy texture. Other hot cereals like Cream of Wheat, millet and grits are popular options if you’re not a fan of a good cold bowl of cereal.

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Can You Freeze Cereal?

You can freeze cereal, and it’s not just a social media trend. Pour your dry cereal into a bowl and let it chill out in the freezer for an hour or so before eating. You’ll get an extra crunchy, extra cold treat that might hold its crunch for longer. While you can freeze quite a few things to keep them fresh, you want to keep cereal cool, dark and dry, and we suggest the pantry.

Can You Eat Cereal With Braces?

You can eat cereal with braces, though your favorite cereal might be off the menu. Soft cereals like puffs or flakes tend to be the safest cereals to eat with braces. Most hot cereals, like oatmeal, are also good choices.

Remember, even if you can eat cereal with braces, your teeth might prefer a low-sugar cereal.

Can Dogs Eat Cereal?

Dogs can eat many cereals, but they probably shouldn’t. There are so many different cereals, and it’s difficult to know whether one or another is bad for your pup. If your dog eats cereal with nuts, raisins, chocolate or the sweetener xylitol, you should get your vet on the phone.

Even if your cereal has none of those ingredients, eating too much cereal could leave Fido sick, though. Your dog’s body isn’t meant to digest these kinds of foods, though, and you could run into some health troubles if it becomes a regular snack. 

Can Cats Eat Cereal?

Like dogs, most cats can eat cereal, but probably shouldn’t. If you find that your feline friend has gotten into your cereal, you’ll want to check the ingredients. If your kitty can’t handle grains, cereal is off the table. You’ll also want to avoid any cereal with foods that are harmful to cats (like cherries and raisins). Finally, despite dozens of cartoon cats drinking milk like water, most cats are lactose intolerant. 

After all of that, it’s important to remember that cats are carnivores. If your cat chomps down on a cornflake once or twice, that’s probably okay, but they need meat. 

Stock Your Pantry with Cereal to Earn Points with Fetch

Now that you know when National Cereal Day is and some of the many ways you can celebrate, be sure to add cereal to your grocery shopping list using our handy grocery app. Once you’re all set for National Cereal Day, snap your receipt in the Fetch rewards app and see how easy it is to start saving on groceries and earning gift cards

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