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Earn Free Gift Cards by Booking Your Uber Rides With Fetch Shop

By Chris Pagnani

July 2, 2024

Being able to take an Uber when you’re out on the town with friends is a modern convenience it’s now hard to imagine living without. Still, if you are a frequent Uber rider, you know the cost can add up, which is why you’ll want to stretch your dollar as far as it can go. Thankfully, with Fetch Shop, you can actually earn rewards on every Uber you book, and you can even redeem those rewards for free Uber gift cards to offset future rides.

Learn about Fetch Shop, download the Fetch app (it’s free!), and start turning your Uber rides into free gift cards today!

Get rewarded for Uber rides with Fetch Shop - get the app

What Exactly is Fetch Shop?

Fetch is America’s Rewards App, and as such, we think you should be rewarded on all your purchases throughout the week, including Uber rides. Fetch Shop is a new feature that allows you to earn points per dollar when shopping online through select retailers. Those Fetch Points can then be redeemed for free gift cards to your favorite online and brick-and-mortar stores. You’re already booking that Uber, so why not get something in return for the money you’re spending?

How to Get Fetch Shop for Free

Fetch is free to download for iOS and Android devices, and Fetch Shop is free to use. It’s actually one of many ways to earn rewards with the app; if you enjoy playing games on your phone, for instance, you can also get rewarded for gaming online with Fetch Play.

To get Fetch Shop:

  1. Download the Fetch app.
  2. Navigate to Fetch Shop; on your “Discover” (home) tab, you’ll find the Fetch Shop icon directly to the left of the camera icon at the bottom of your screen.
  3. Browse the available retailers, and start shopping!

How to Book Your Uber Ride Through Fetch Shop

To start earning rewards on all your Uber rides with Fetch Shop:

  1. Open Fetch.
  2. Click on the Fetch Shop tab in the bottom menu.
  3. Once in Fetch Shop, scroll to the “Travel” category, click where it says, “See all,” and then find and click on the Uber icon; this is also where you’ll see how many points per dollar you’ll earn on your purchases*.
  4. Tap “Go shopping!” and then simply book your Uber ride as you normally would.

That’s it!

*Be sure to review the “View excluded items” section to learn about any applicable items that won’t earn you points per dollar.

Can You Earn Rewards on Uber Eats With Fetch Shop?

Yes, just like you can earn points per dollar on Uber rides, you can similarly earn rewards on Uber Eats orders using Fetch Shop. Simply open Fetch, navigate to Fetch Shop, and scroll to the “Food & Drink” category, which is where you’ll find Uber Eats.

What Kinds of Free Gift Cards Can I Earn?

Not only does Fetch Shop allow you to earn rewards on the online shopping you’re already doing, but you can turn those reward points into gift cards to all the places you love to shop, like:

  • Amazon
  • Target
  • Sam’s Club
  • Starbucks
  • Dunkin
  • Apple
  • Google Play
  • Visa
  • …and tons more!

How Can I Get Free Uber Gift Cards?

You can even redeem the points you earn shopping online through Fetch Shop for free Uber gift cards. In other words, you’ll earn points on Uber rides you book using Fetch Shop, and those points can be put toward Uber gift cards to offset the cost of future rides! Again, you’re already booking that Uber, so why not make your money go that much farther and earn rewards to save on future rides?

Turn your online purchases into free gift cards with Fetch Shop - get the app

Book Your Next Uber Ride With Fetch Shop & Start Earning Rewards Today

Whether you’re booking an Uber on date night, stocking up for a party you’re hosting by shopping online at Sam’s Club, or doing your back-to-school shopping, make Fetch Shop part of your daily routine to get the most bang for your buck. Download Fetch today, and see just how easy it is to earn rewards on the things you buy every day.

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