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Earn Free Papa John’s Gifts Cards, and Ordering Hacks

By Kate Michael

November 18, 2021

Papa John’s, one of America’s most popular pizza restaurants, is always offering a delicious discount or special, and smart deals on their popular pies are a major reason why this pizza place keeps you coming back for more of their “better ingredients, better pizza.”

But no matter which toppings you take on your ‘za, you should never pay full price for Papa John’s! It is only fitting that America’s rewards app, Fetch, has a number of legit hacks to help you score a tasty discount whether you are ordering online or in-store. And here’s the best hack of all! Did you know that you may even be able to nab a free gift card for Papa John’s pizza while you’re grabbing groceries or other restaurant and retail items?

Fetch helps you to earn free Papa John’s gifts cards just by showing eligible purchases on your receipts. All you have to do is complete a quick digital scan, and Fetch will find specific products you have purchased at grocery stores, restaurants, hardware stores, pet stores, clothing stores, and other retailers that can earn you points toward a free gift card that can be used at your favorite store, travel destination, or restaurant — like Papa John’s.

Here are some other hacks to ensure that you never pay full price for your Papa John’s pizza:

Check the Specials 

Papa John’s is well known for constantly offering savings and specials, as well as combo deals and other package promotions. This 4th largest delivery pizza restaurant in the United States can be found just about anywhere, so it’s a regular household name and has locations convenient to just about every town. This is why franchises also offer zip code specials, deals based on locality, and even particular perks depending on events taking place — like during local festival times, if the hometown team won their game, or to coincide with charity fundraising efforts.

Register for Papa Rewards 

Loyalty wins the day — and scores the slice — for Papa John’s customers who sign up for Papa Rewards. Not only will you enjoy convenience by ordering directly through your profile, but you’ll unlock members-only promotions while also earning a Papa point for every $1 you spend. There are no limitations for the amount of points that can be earned per transaction.

For every 75 points earned, you get $10 in “Papa Dough.” Accruing $10 in Papa Dough will allow you to use the funds toward any item on the menu, which is extensive, with pizzas, papadias, sides, desserts, and other extras.

And Papa Rewards members who share their birthdays on their profile will receive an extra gift! They will be e-mailed a special birthday reward to make their day even more delicious. Usually this birthday bonus comes in the form of $10 in Papa Dough, which means you can save on your pizza order, or score free bread/cheese sticks or a cookie.

Earn Free Papa John’s Gifts Cards, and Ordering Hacks

Sign Up to Use Text & E-mail

If you let Papa John’s slide into your e-mail inbox or texts, you will get coupons and discount codes aplenty. You’ll also be eligible for the chain’s special sweepstakes, frequently offered by Papa John’s and its partners.

You can get a simple one time text with a special offer by texting “DEALS” to 47272 (4PAPA) or sign up for more frequent promotional text messages — up to six a month — with “START” to the same number and get even more text reminders of how to save.

Follow Your Favorite Sports

Papa John’s partners with a lot of different local and national sports leagues, and is almost always running specials though regular and postseason games. There may also be a unique code online to use if your team won a game, scored a certain number of points, or hit a home run.

Call Your Favorite Location 

Those who work at Papa John’s let us in on a little secret — calling in person is the ultimate way to pack on the pizza perks. This is because Papa John’s locations are franchises and each has the ability to set its own deals and promos. And this is why calling your own local store is the most personal way to ask for special prices. Your local store is more likely to recognize you as a frequent loyal customer, have the flexibility to offer you customized specials, and comply when you ask for price reductions that you wouldn’t necessarily be afforded if you order online.

This Discount Code Almost Always Works 

Did you know that there is one Papa John’s discount code that almost always works — though it can’t be combined with other sales or discounts. 25OFF is the discount code you should always input when you order online as a starting point to ensure you never pay full price. SAVE25 and VISA25 are alternates to make sure you always at least save 25%.

Make a Future Order 

Papa Johns’ deals and specials are always changing, so you should continually look for new offers. But if there is a particular promo you know you can’t possibly pass up, just schedule your order for a date in the future, and you can still take advantage of the savings. You can order up to three weeks — 21 days — in advance online and still make use of an online special before it expires.

Treat yourself, save money, and while you’re at it, make sure your non-pizza purchases are making you some dough, too! We love this handful of ordering tips, tricks, and hacks to save money and never pay full price for your Papa John’s pizza fix, but don’t forget that you should always make the most of every purchase.

Fetch is how you can use every spend to save! Just snap your receipt to start earning free restaurants gift cards with Fetch. A simple scan of your eligible purchases in almost every category can earn you points toward a free gift card, and you’d be surprised how all those points can easily add up for a delicious Papa John’s pizza!

How to Use Papa John's Gift Cards Online and Ordering Hacks

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