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Earn Points on Restaurants Receipts with Fetch Rewards

By Team Fetch

October 7, 2021

Dine, Snap & Get Rewarded! Earn Rewards At Your Favorite Restaurants.

Snap your restaurant receipts and earn gift cards for your favorite restaurants, including Panera, Papa John’s, Starbucks, Taco Bell and Dunkin’, just to name a few.

Also, Fetch has unveiled partnerships with Burger King, Panera and Papa John’s as it expands the app’s rewards offerings into the restaurant category. The strategic move into restaurants — and the decision to partner with these three leading national restaurant brands — reflects a clear demand from the Fetch user base of more than 10 million people who use the app to submit receipts and earn rewards on their restaurant purchases.

In 2021, Fetch shoppers have snapped 78 million restaurant receipts totaling $1.2 billion in purchases, with quick-service restaurants comprising 69 percent of those transactions. When Fetch looked into the data, the story was clear — receipts from Burger King, Panera, and Papa John’s were being submitted in high numbers. Fetch shoppers were voting with their receipts, and Fetch saw the clear opportunity to create powerful connections with those restaurants and to reward diners for their restaurant purchases.

“Fetch shoppers asked for restaurant rewards and we’re delivering,” said Wes Schroll, CEO & founder of Fetch. “And what’s more, we’re giving them the best of the best — Burger King, Panera, and Papa John’s are the perfect partners to kick off our entry into the restaurant space, because Fetch shoppers have demonstrated strong affinity for these three iconic brands.”

When dining out, easily snap your receipt or receive an ereceipt, and start earning delicious points. Within the Fetch app, click Rewards and redeem your points for the most delectable restaurant gift cards. Earn more, and eat more, of what you love.

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