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Hosting a New Year’s Eve Party at Home on a Budget With Fetch

By Jasper Joyner

December 1, 2023

Get ready, 2024 will be here before we know it! With a new year comes New Year’s Eve parties, but how exactly can anyone host an affordable NYE party these days? Don’t panic. We’ve got the perfect tips for hosting a New Year’s Eve Party at home on a budget.

Read on for how to save on the best New Year’s Eve party ideas, food, drinks, decorations, and even your hottest NYE outfit. You’ll even learn how to get free gift cards from all your deals by using our rewards app! 

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New Year's Eve party planning checklist

New Year’s Eve Party food ideas

No New Year’s Eve party is complete without delicious treats and hors d’oeuvres. Luckily, it’s totally possible to offer budget-friendly, show-stopping foods like these Onion-Herb Focaccia Bites. For a deal, track all of your fresh ingredient discounts at Target, Kroger, or Whole Foods through our offers app. Here you can also buy milk chocolate chips for the perfect Slow Cooker Chocolate Fondue—yum!

Drink ideas for your budget-friendly New Year’s Eve party

Throwing a New Year’s Eve party requires a few main ingredients; good music, great food, and delicious drinks! New Year’s Eve drink ideas can be boozy or non-alcoholic just as long as they’re festive, like this fun Chocolate Martini Mocktail. You can keep it a mocktail or turn it into a cocktail with Svedka Vodka (make sure to log your rewards points for this in the Fetch app)!

Decoration ideas for any fun New Year’s Eve Party

Want to know how to host a budget-friendly New Year’s Eve Party? Well, first, you must understand the art of decorating. Trust us, it’s actually pretty easy! 

Just head to one of your favorite stores, like Target, for weekly discounts on all sorts of holiday decor! Then check out these cool and afforable New Year’s Eve Party decoration ideas: 

Wow your guests with these NYE Party outfit ideas

New Year’s Eve party outfit ideas are unique because they can include as much sparkle and shine as you want, like this glittery shirt on sale at Express.

If you like, you can make fashion a theme to get everyone involved! Consider an all-white NYE party and snag a crisp white tee from Everlane’s sale section—be sure to sign up for their email list for various discounts.

New Year's Eve party guests using party favors

How to use Fetch to help host an affordable NYE party

Here’s a savings-hack for you: Use Fetch to host an affordable NYE party by tracking all your savings in our receipt app! Simply shop and track. You can use those points from our offers app to redeem for gift cards or cash back to buy whatever you like—2024 planner, anyone

Happy New Year—now go forth and save!

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