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Summer Drink, Cocktails & Mocktails Recipes You Have To Try

By Connor Bonam

May 30, 2023

Summertime is upon us, bringing with it warm breezes and sun-soaked days that beckon us to indulge in refreshing and delightful beverages. Whether you prefer the tantalizing buzz of a cocktail or the vibrant flavors of a mocktail, this season presents the perfect opportunity to venture beyond your usual drink recipes, especially when you want to try new Fetch brands and offers, and explore a world of exciting concoctions. Take a peek at Fetch’s favorite summer drink cocktails and mocktails!

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3 summer drink cocktails to try 

  1. Summer drink cocktail #1: Whiskey Cherry Coke Smash
    • 4 oz whiskey
    • 1 ¼ cups fresh cherries, pitted
    • 1 tsp. sugar
    • 12 oz Pepsi, chilledWhiskey Cherry Coke Smash
  2. Summer drink cocktail #2: Beach Water Cocktail
    • 2 oz coconut rum
    • 2 oz Blue raspberry vodka
    • 12 oz Starry, chilledBeach Water Cocktail
  3. Summer drink cocktail #3: Sparkling Spirit-Free Mojito
    • 2 oz lime juice
    • ¼ fresh cut lime
    • fresh mint leaves
    • 12 oz Starry, chilledSparkling Spirit-Free Mojito

Summer drink mocktail to try

  1. Summer drink mocktail: Pink Lemonade Punch
    • 4 oz pink lemonade
    • 4 oz citrus vodka
    • muddled raspberries
    • 12 oz Starry, chilledPink Lemonade Mocktail

What other summer drinks should I try? 

  1. Iced Tea: Whether it’s classic black tea, green tea, or herbal variations, iced tea is a timeless summer favorite. It can be enjoyed plain, sweetened, or flavored with fruits like lemon or peach.
  2. Lemonade: A classic and tangy beverage, lemonade is a go-to choice for hot summer days. Squeeze some fresh lemons, add water and a touch of sweetness, and you have a simple and revitalizing drink.
  3. Mojito: This iconic cocktail combines fresh mint leaves, lime juice, sugar, and rum, all muddled together with ice and topped with soda water. Mojitos are known for their cooling effect and vibrant flavors, making them perfect for summer soirées.
  4. Watermelon Agua Fresca: Made from blending juicy watermelon with water, lime juice, and a hint of sweetener, agua fresca is a Mexican-inspired drink that captures the essence of summer. It’s incredibly refreshing and ideal for staying hydrated.
  5. Frozen Margarita: A frozen margarita is a frosty blend of tequila, lime juice, and triple sec, all whirled together with ice to create a slushy delight. With its tropical vibes, it’s a popular choice for poolside gatherings and beach parties.

What alcohol is good for a hot summer day?

  1. Gin: Gin is a versatile spirit that pairs well with a variety of mixers, making it a popular choice for summer cocktails. Its botanical flavors, especially those infused with citrus or cucumber, lend themselves well to refreshing concoctions like gin and tonic or a classic Tom Collins.
  2. Vodka: Vodka is known for its clean and crisp profile, making it an excellent base for summer drinks. Mix it with soda water, a splash of fruit juice, or create your own vodka-infused lemonade for a refreshing and revitalizing beverage.
  3. Tequila: Tequila is a spirited choice for summer celebrations. Whether you prefer it in a classic Margarita, a Paloma with grapefruit soda, or a refreshing Tequila Sunrise with orange juice and grenadine, tequila-based cocktails offer a tropical and vibrant taste experience.
  4. Light Beer: For those who enjoy beer, opt for light and refreshing styles such as pilsners, wheat beers, or session IPAs. These beers tend to have a lower alcohol content and are often more thirst-quenching, making them ideal for hot summer days.
  5. Rosé Wine: Rosé wine has gained popularity as a summer staple due to its light, fruity, and often slightly chilled nature. It’s a versatile wine that pairs well with various dishes and can be enjoyed on its own or in a refreshing spritzer.

What drinks are best for a party in the summer?

  1. Signature Summer Cocktails: Create a signature cocktail specifically for your party that captures the essence of the season. Consider refreshing options like a fruity sangria, a citrusy mojito, or a tropical piña colada. Display them in a self-serve station or have a bartender mix them up for guests.
  2. Punch Bowls: Punch bowls are a fantastic way to serve a large group of guests. Prepare a refreshing and flavorful punch using a combination of fruit juices, soda, and alcohol. For a non-alcoholic option, consider a delicious fruit punch with fresh fruit slices and sparkling water.
  3. DIY Cocktail Bar: Set up a DIY cocktail bar where guests can customize their own drinks. Provide a variety of spirits like vodka, gin, and rum, along with an assortment of mixers, garnishes, and fresh fruits. This interactive setup allows guests to unleash their creativity and craft their perfect summer drink.
  4. Frozen Drinks: Beat the summer heat with icy and blended concoctions. Offer frozen margaritas, daiquiris, or even a frozen watermelon slushie. These chilly treats will keep guests cool and add a festive touch to your party.
  5. Beer and Cider Selection: Ensure you have a selection of chilled beers and ciders available for those who prefer a cold brew. Offer a mix of light and refreshing options like pilsners, wheat beers, or fruity ciders to cater to different tastes.

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Be sure, no matter what you are drinking or making, to snap your receipts all summer long! Summer is the perfect time to rack up tons of rewards and treat yourself to something fun!

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