Get Mother’s Day Right With The Perfect Gift

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Get Mother’s Day Right With The Perfect Gift

By Ben

April 20, 2023

The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide, Mother’s Day Gifts for Under $25, $50, and $100

Here at Fetch, we love all kinds of moms. Plant moms. Furbaby mama’s. And yes, especially our own moms who give us fond memories of kissing boo-boos and cooking up the world’s greatest grilled cheese.

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While phone calls to home may grow fewer and further as we age, it’s still important to show your mom appreciation by giving a gift she’ll remember you by every time she sees it. 

In the spirit of the season, we’ve curated a gift guide to fit a variety of budgets with items we think your mom (and probably even you) will just LOVE!

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Mother’s Day gifts for under $25

Mother's Day Gift Guide for under $25

1. Five-minute journal

Help inject some positive energy into your mom’s day and encourage thoughtful reflection with this popular journaling technique. 

2. Claw clips for hair

These iconic fashion pieces are BACK. Simple & chic, claw clips hold the hair in place with a style that’s sleek. 

3. Forever Eye Mask

The last eye mask she’ll ever need–reusable so it’s budget-friendly AND earth-conscious. This Forever Eye Mask holds gels, serums, and creams close to the skin for maximum absorption.

4. Milk frother

If your mom is anything like mine, she simply wouldn’t dare be in the same room as a cup of coffee that wasn’t poured by a tattooed barista who espouses the ideals of single-origin beans

But, for those rainy days when getting to the coffee shop is an impossibility, milk frothers do a great job of doctoring up any quality of home brew. 

5. Scalp massager

A scalp massager doesn’t just feel good–it encourages healthy blood circulation to promote hair growth. The massager can also help to relieve tension, reduce stress, and promote relaxation.

Mother’s Day gifts for under $50

Mother's Day Gift Guide for under $50

1. Glossier skin routine bundle 

Face wash. Moisturizer. Lip balm. These essentials are made from high-quality ingredients and are designed to work together to hydrate, nourish, and protect all types of skin.

2. Weighted eye mask

Give the gift of blissful shuteye with a lightly weighted, super soft fleece sleep mask designed to alleviate stress and anxiety.

3. Lululemon belt bag

Whether your mom loves to hit the trails or hit the shops, these belt bags from Lululemon keep one’s phone, keys, wallet and fashion sense at the top of mind. 

4. Thank you mom homesick candle

A thoughtful way to show your appreciation for the woman who has always been there for you. Designed to evoke feelings of warmth and comfort with scents like vanilla, sandalwood, and lavender, the candle comes in a glass jar that can be reused once finished.

5. Ouai body scrub

Cut through the grease & grime caked onto your body after a long day–works great for scrubbing out drama, too! 

Mother’s Day gifts for under $100

Mother's Day Gift Guide for under $100

1. Lego bouquet

Why buy fresh flowers when you can get something that will never wilt? Make the change from buying usual gifts and surprise mom with a stunning display piece for flower lovers (and Lego lovers) to enjoy!

2. Bala Bangles

Wearable weights for anyone, these bangles enhance workouts or daily activities. Made of flexible, hypoallergenic silicone and available in different weights and colors, Bala Bangles add intensity without compromising comfort. 

3. Ugg slippers

Luxurious. Cozy. Australian. Three of my mom’s favorite things. These slippers come in a range of styles, upping her comfort & fashion game as she shuffles over to make a batch of frothed milk in the morning. 

4. Assouline coffee table books

More than just books, these tomes are works of art that can put the finishing design flares on any room. Iconic covers beg guests to open each unique book and get lost in the sensory details of what lies within the pages. 

5. Chanel hand cream

With the brand name Chanel, you know this tube is full of high-quality product that provides eight full hours of hydration. 

Infused with a blend of shea butter, vitamin E, and essential oils, this cream soothes dry and chapped handstand leaves a delicate scent of the signature Chanel fragrance. 

We hope you find a winner from the list above! Ultimately, it’s the thought and effort put into the gift that truly counts, so we encourage you to take the time to choose a gift that reflects your mother’s interests, personality, and unique relationship with you.

And, if you want to give something a little more… personal:

Give her something priceless

The best thing you can spend with a mom is quality time. Print the pre-made coupon below and fill in with an activity for you and the mom in your life to enjoy together.

Mother's Day Gift Guide free coupon

Be sure to have a snappy Mother’s Day! 

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