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The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide: Gifts for Every Budget

By Ben

May 28, 2023

Infamous for their aversion to gifts of any kind, papas around the globe shake their fist at the mere notion of being the center of attention even just one day a year. Alas, Father’s Day is here, and Fetch knows you gotta do what you gotta do and give the big guy a tie and a kiss on the bald spot come the third Sunday in June. Or do you?

This year, we can change the narrative surrounding Father’s Day. Together, we can use our easy-earned Fetch points to give Dad something really cool, laying the groundwork to hoist Father’s Day from the Hallmarkian Hall of Horror and into the forefront of the cultural zeitgeist. It’s time to gift Dad a pickleball racket and watch his mustache curl in delight as he dinks and dunks his way through the history books. 

Here are some other gifts you can be proud to give Dad, if pickleball isn’t his thing. Once you’ve found the perfect Father’s Day gift, be sure to open the Fetch app and redeem your points for a gift card that will help you offset the cost of this year’s Father’s Day gift-giving!

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Father’s Day Gifts for Dad Under $25

If you’re thinking there aren’t any cool Father’s Day gifts to be found for less than $25, think again. The best gifts are ones that are thoughtful and show your dad you really know him, and you can find gift ideas that achieve that goal while still shopping affordably. Mix and match a few of the options below, and you’ll still come in under budget.

Father's Day Gifts Under $25

Kiehl’s Hand Salve

Because callused hands need some love, too. 

Vinyl record coasters

He says music sounds better on vinyl. Drinks taste better that way, too. 

Luchador bottle opener

The ultimate finishing move.  

Atomic Habits (book)

Save Dad from a midlife crisis and kickstart a new outlook on life with a page-turning bestseller that looks to transform the way you think about progress, success & goal-setting. 

Yeti can rambler

If he doesn’t have a YETI by now, you only have yourself to blame. 

Father’s Day Gifts for Dad Under $50

Looking for cool gift ideas for Dad under $50? We’ve got you covered! Whether your dad is sporty or simply loves to lounge, you can still find gifts he’ll love for under 50 bucks.

Father's Day Gifts Under $50

Parachute Slippers

Mom doesn’t have a monopoly on being cozy. 

Carhartt Lunch bag

The manliest lunch box around. 

Pickleball set

Don’t let Dad be the last one to catch the pickleball bug. 

White noise machine

Think your dad is already a championship-level napper? Think again. 

Cocktail kit or Michelada kit


Father’s Day Gifts for Dad Under $100

If you’re looking to get a bit of a bigger gift for Dad this Father’s Day, $100 can go a long way! Again, think about what will show your dad you know what he’s into, and shop accordingly. Here are a few great Father’s Day gift ideas under $100.

Father's Day Gifts Under $100

Pasta maker

FINALLY! A dad obsession you can benefit from. 

Nike blazers

Harken back to a time when Dad actually had some sense of fashion, long before the invention of cargo shorts. 

Malin + Goetz leather-scented candle

Goes great with his many leather-bound books & mahogany office. 

Dior Sauvage cologne
“Inspired by wide open spaces and a man that is true to himself.” It’s about time dads everywhere started smelling good, too.

Bose portable speaker

Stuff may sound better on vinyl. But records don’t fit in a golf bag. 

Soccer or baseball jerseys like this Dick’s LAFC MLS combo jersey or Miami Marlins jersey (for our Floridian Fetch Fam!)

No one will question his fandom again. 

Give Dad the Gift of Your Company This Father’s Day

As always, quality time is the best thing you can spend with your dad. Check out the pre-made coupon below and fill it out with an activity for you and the dad in your life to enjoy together. 

Father's Day CouponReminder: Fishing trips ARE veto-proof!

Father’s Day is Easier With Fetch

Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift to give to your dad this Father’s Day or simply need a way to make your Father’s Day gift idea more affordable, Fetch can help! Use the Fetch app to get a free gift card you can use to cut down on the cost of your Father’s Day gift shopping this year. Dad receives a thoughtful gift that shows you “get” him, and you save some money while treating Dad. It’s a win-win!

Fetch's Father's Day Gift Guide

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