Your Budget-Friendly Guide to Backyard Camping This Summer

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Your Budget-Friendly Guide to Backyard Camping This Summer

By Jasper Joyner

July 10, 2023

Nothing says summertime vacation quite like a camping trip in the wild. And with the right gear, you can sleep under the stars without even leaving your home. Backyard camping is a fun and frugal alternative for any outdoor-lover or family looking to enjoy an enjoyable, affordable staycation

With these 11 frugal camping tips and deals, you’ll be well on your way to camping bliss in no time. 

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11 Frugal Backyard Camping Tips for Summertime

backyard camping essentials

Pitch the perfect tent

No worries if you’re not the best tent-pitcher. Pop-up tents are a great option for low-maintenance campers, and you can get a nice deal on one by signing up for REI’s newsletter

Create an ambiance

Who says backyard camping can’t feel like glamping? String lights like these add a little extra oomph to your homestyle camp scene. Plus, get $5 off when you sign up for Home Depot’s email list.

Fire-pit, Fire-pit, Fire-pit!

Every great campground needs a campfire. Feeling handy? Try building your own fire pit. Not quite Bob-the-Builder? All good. Nab a fire pit like this one on sale at Wayfair. It’s perfect for s’mores or grilling outdoor food faves like hotdogs and hamburgers. 

Go for a neighborhood ‘hike’

Play adventurer this summer and explore your hood with fresh eyes. Wear some comfy hiking shoes and bring some nice cold water in your new, discounted HydroFlash—gotta stay hydrated!

Play a game or two

Corn hole, cards and board games are all great, budget-friendly summertime camping games! Take advantage of Dick’s Sporting Goods BOGO sale, or find all your gaming goodies at Target. 

It’s scary story time

Uh oh. It’s that time of night when you and your fellow campers take turns spinning terrifying tales. Good thing Bass Pro Shop has some great quality flashlights on sale. 


Stargazing is a lovely and free way to enjoy your frugal camping night. But to upgrade your gaze, consider snagging a budget-friendly telescope like this one from Barnes and Noble

Sleep like a baby

Not only will your savings help you rest, so will a nice and cozy sleeping bag like this one from Academy. If you’re feeling fancy, maybe try some eye shades from L.L. Bean—10% off your first order! 

Wake up with a cup of Joe

Now that you’ve made it through a night of backyard camping, start your morning right with a nice cup of java using a camping coffee pot from REI. Members get $30 off their next order.

Don’t forget to snag those receipts

Nothing beats a backyard camping adventure more than a fun and frugal one. You can even use your reward points to get some high-quality bug spray for your family and friends (talk about summertime must-haves!) 

backyard camping essentials

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