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Celebrate National App Day With Fetch

By Jasper Joyner

November 17, 2023

Sharing a photo? Shopping for the holiday season? Odds are you’ll do these things and more on a mobile app. Mobile applications, or what most of us call apps, help to simplify life in so many ways.

Celebrate your favorite apps this December 11th on National App Day! Read on to learn all about this holiday’s history, how to enjoy the day with Fetch and your other favorite apps, plus some interesting app facts.

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The History of National App Day

So what is National App Day? Well, let’s start with some important app history to get started. 

Steve Jobs first had the idea for an “App Store” in 1983, but people would have to call in to buy the apps they wanted. It wasn’t until 2008 that the first mobile App Store launched, a year after the release of the first iPhone. By 2010, “app” was named Word of the Year by the American Dialect Society.

There were just 500 apps available in the original App Store, but that number grew quickly. National App Day was launched by Platinum Edge Media CEO C.J. Thompson after 175 billion app downloads in 2017. 

When is National App Day?

National App Day is on December 11th every year. In 2023, that lands on a Monday, but in 2024, get ready for a humpday celebration (Wednesday).

How to celebrate National App Day

The best way to celebrate National App Day is by using your favorite apps. But don’t just use them, rate them! Rating the apps you love is a great way to show some love to app developers, who work hard to create those apps. 

Did you know 60 percent of apps have never been downloaded? Honor National App Day by discovering your next favorite game, scheduler, workout app or rewards app (like ours at Fetch!) just by searching the App Store.

You can also spread the word about National App Day by using the hashtag #NationalAppDay created by the day’s founder.

Fun facts about National App Day 

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What is the Fetch app?

Fetch is a receipt rewards app that allows you to earn points on every shopping receipt you scan. Simply snap your receipt, earn points on your purchases, and redeem your points for gift cards in the app.

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Hear what real Fetch app users are saying about the app:


Fun fact: Did you know the Fetch app averages more weekly users than Starbucks, UberEats, and Walgreens? Yet another reason to celebrate National App Day with America’s favorite rewards app! 

Super fun fact: You can win free gift cards just by using the Fetch receipt app!

Celebrate National App Day by earning and redeeming points with the Fetch app. Fetch’s offers app is your fail-safe route on how to get free gift cards. All you need to do is shop like usual, track your receipts on the app and watch your points stack up! You’ll be buying new fun apps with your rewards points in no time. Don’t yet have our rewards app? Download Fetch below today!

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