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The Good Boy Who Became Fetch’s Logo

By Chris Zimmerman

March 12, 2024

“So, Fetch is a…dog app?” No, everyone at my family reunion. 

But I get it. There’s a dog in our logo. And our blog’s name is Unleashed. You’re probably curious about all this dog stuff, too. 

Here’s the story behind the pup that makes Fetch’s logo pop.

Text reading, "Have you snapped a receipt today? Take me to the app"

Meet Calvin, an App’s Best Friend

Before there was Fetch, there was Calvin. 

It was January, 2014. Tyler Kennedy, Fetch’s co-founder and current Senior VP of Operations, had just brought home a yellow lab puppy named Calvin. 

Meanwhile, Tyler and Wes Schroll (co-founder and CEO) were hard at work bringing the original, in-store version of Fetch to life. 

Calvin helped, too. He’d join the pair at the office every day for brainstorms and big stretches. So when it was time to create branding for the company, Calvin came to mind. 

Calvin was a friendly, likable dog. He was everyone’s friend. And his love for retrieving sticks aligned with Fetch’s mission of retrieving rewards for shoppers. 

So the Calvin-inspired Fetch Rewards logo was born, which would later evolve when the company rebranded as Shop Fetch. 

Our Gift Box Era 

After Shop Fetch’s success in select grocery stores around the country, the team began expanding their vision to bring the Fetch app you know today to all of America.

As development of the app began, they reverted back to the previous Fetch Rewards name to focus on everyone’s favorite part of Fetch: the gift cards!

In addition to the updated name, Calvin’s silhouette was replaced with a gift box representing the app’s mission to reward America’s shoppers with things they love. 

This would remain Fetch’s logo until 2020, when the company had established itself as a leading rewards app and moved toward stronger, more modern branding. Just like that, Calvin hopped back in the logo like he’d never left. 

Calvin Takes Center Stage

In 2022, Fetch got rid of rewards. Don’t worry, it was just in the logo. 

The move simplified our branding and gave our iconic mascot Calvin the spotlight he deserves. 

Calvin has found his way to millions of phone screens since then, helping Fetch stand out in the app store and beyond. 

Images showing the evolution of the Fetch logo

A Legend Lives On in Fetch

In August 2023, Tyler shared the sad news that Calvin had passed away at the age of 9.

It was a tough day for all of us at Fetch. Calvin made many trips to our Chicago and Madison offices, greeting folks with a smile and lick before guiding them to the treats. And he helped shape the fun, pet-friendly culture we have here at Fetch. Many tails wag in his honor. 

Calvin’s legacy lives on every day in the work we do and the shoppers we delight. 

Collage with images of Calvin the dog and Fetch CEO Wes

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Chris Zimmerman

Chris Zimmerman is a copywriter here at Fetch. Before joining the #FetchFam, he penned web content, TV scripts and more for virtually every brand category you can think of.