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Fetch vs. ChatGPT: A Shopping List Showdown

By Chris Zimmerman

June 13, 2023

AI has been the talk of 2023, dominating headlines around the world and making us all question just how powerful today’s AI tools really are. 

  • How can AI tools improve our daily lives?
  • Can AI replace other technologies we use right now? 
  • What things does AI still struggle with? 

These questions got us thinking: how does Fetch compare to the all-knowing and oddly charming ChatGPT when it comes to building a great shopping list?

The Task: Create a Pool Party Shopping List

In a couple weeks, I’m having some friends over to my apartment for a pool party. I’d like to pick up the basic summer cookout basics: snacks, drinks, and something to throw on the grill. 

I created shopping lists using both the Fetch app and ChatGPT to see which tool provided a better party planning experience. Here’s what I found. 

ChatGPT is Surface-Level Smart

I asked ChatGPT to create a 10-item shopping list for my pool party, and the tool did its job well. It gave me basic food, snack and drink recommendations and ensured all of the necessary pool party essentials were covered. 

It broke up its recommendations into categories, which I liked. But it lacked specific product recommendations, which meant I’d still have a lot of choices to make once I got to the store.

Fetch Goes Deeper with Personalized Suggestions

See My Personalized Offers

Fetch vs. AI QR code

Next, I opened Fetch to help plan for my party. When I landed on the home screen, I was greeted with a “Snap Into Summertime” collection of summer-themed offers. Exactly what I needed. 

There, I found offers for: 

  • Ben & Jerry’s worth 1,000 points
  • Coors Light worth 1,500 points
  • Topo Chico worth 2,500 points
  • Applegate chicken and sausage worth 1,700 points
  • Sargento Slices worth 650 points

I headed to my offers feed to continue building my list. I found offers for: 

  • Beyond Meat Plant-Based products worth 2,000 points
  • Hellmann’s products worth 2,000 points
  • Viva Paper Towels worth 2,100 points
  • Tostitos Bite Sized Rounds for 1,000 

Total offer value: 14,450 points*, plus extra points per dollar on eligible brands in the app

Fetch vs. AI Comparison

The Verdict: Fetch Packs Your Shopping with Points

For a basic list, ChatGPT does the job well. It delivered what I asked for, and provided some basic recommendations that met my needs. It was quick and effortless, but a bit underwhelming.

Fetch gave me a much more personalized planning experience, showing me offers I was likely to love based on things I’ve bought in the past. There was a collection of summer themed-offers a tap away, and additional offers in my feed curated just for me. 

By spending just a few minutes in the app, I was able to build a shopping list that will earn me nearly 15,000 points for a single trip to the store! 

I think I’ll use those points for an Amazon gift card and order a bluetooth speaker for the party. 

The offers mentioned above are unique to my personal Fetch account. Everyone’s offers are personalized just for them. Fire up Fetch to see which offers are waiting for you!

Fetch vs. AI Comparison

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Chris Zimmerman

Chris Zimmerman is a copywriter here at Fetch. Before joining the #FetchFam, he penned web content, TV scripts and more for virtually every brand category you can think of.