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The Best Fetch Hacks According To Reddit

By Christopher

September 25, 2022

Reddit shares the best Fetch hacks to grow points quickly, get rewarded and earn even more free gift cards. Learn how to become the ultimate Fetch hacker, and what to avoid, according to Reddit.

Reddit users are, of course, loyal Fetch users. They very active and vocal on many subreddits, providing brilliant tips, scoops, advice and hacks (the good hacks the don’t violate Fetch’s TOS) on how to be a successful Fetcher and get cash back for free. Our Reddit Fetch Fam knows how to really rack up points by snapping receipts to quickly earn free gift cards. They’re the ultimate Fetch insiders, dishing out exclusive Fetch tips on the front page of the Internet.

Reddit’s little mascot, Snoo, took a dive with Fetch into the various active subreddits and curated the very best Fetch hacks, tips, to-do’s and to-don’ts, according Reddit users. As the 6th most popular website with more than 430 million monthly active users and over 100,000 active communities, you always know you’ll find something insightful on Reddit.

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Learn the Best (Legit) Fetch Hacks from Reddit Power Users and Discover How to Earn Free Gift Cards


Refer a Friend To Fetch.

jamaicanmecrasymon: “I downloaded it a few months ago and just through “referring” a few of my friends and they scan any receipt you get anywhere from 2,000-5,000 points. I got enough to redeem a $10 visa gift card and it actually worked and everything.”

Snap Your Receipts From Literally ANYWHERE.

irisseca: “Hi everyone. I’ve been using an app (only available in the U.S.) called Fetch. You scan receipts every time you go shopping (literally ANYWHERE: grocery store, target, staples, the dollar store, convenience store, hardware store, clothing store…even gas receipts, and Dunkin’ Donuts receipts work) and you get points. The points can be turned in for gift cards. There are a number of different gift cards available, but the ones I get are iTunes (so that I can get free diamonds). I only started using the app in March and I have already gotten a $25 card and I’m well on my way to a second. If anyone is interested, I can give a referral code (between today and May 6th, if you use my referral code, and scan a receipt within 48 hours, you will start with a bonus 3,000 points…which is $3…plus you will get your points for your receipt). The receipt can be up to 14 days old when you scan it (so if you have a bunch of receipts sitting around in your purse or car from the past week or two, you can scan them ALL and get credit).”

Save Time and Money With Fetch.

ylim3mimi: “I love Fetch. It’s so easy and simple.”

irisseca: “I used to do the survey apps for real money, but they took forever. I would make $50 every 3 months, and I actually had to do hours and hours of work. I don’t have to do anything for this…I just scan my receipts from the shopping I did anyway!”

OneFinance: “I’ll admit I wasn’t really expecting to use the Fetch too much on my One account. I forgot my rent gets paid via debit card and I just got so many points for that plus the points truly add up. I’m already up to $10 in points and have only been using it for a week.”

The Best Fetch Rewards Hacks According To Reddit

Don’t Create Fake Receipts (Our Tech Team Knows All).

No_Shoulder9159: “No you might get banned my friend did that and got banned.”

Charleston510: “Came here to say I got banned today. I’m not gonna fight it nor try and make a new account.”

And While We’re On This Topic, Snap Only Your Own Receipts. You Actually Earn More Points With Referrals!

TheAlienOnFIRE: “I have used FetchRewards for nearly a year and a half, along with SwagBucks and ShopKick. Have earned close to $60 altogether, in gift cards. Could have scored more by scanning random grocery receipts like your boss; however, that definitely breaks the Terms & Conditions AND my time is more valuable (#CostBenefitAnalysis). Besides, she would get far more points through her referral code.”

kincolosprings: “I’ve made $58 in amazon cards since August on Fetch. It’s easier than ibotta because you don’t have to have the item on hand to scan as proof. Your initial receipts will be bigger points and as you scan more, the points drop drastically. From 100s to 25 or 50. Referrals count for a lot, so market your code. Also if they have a promo for V8 let’s say, and you purchase one and scan the receipt, but you need three to make the promo, Fetch keeps track for you. So if you have someone that also buys this product or find a receipt or something, you can scan it and it remembers you already had one. You only get 14 receipts a week, so be choosy about which ones will have the best payouts.”

Fetch Is An Easy Way to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards

carson-is: “Holy cow have any of you used fetch? It’s this app where you scan receipts and it gives you points and once you get so many you can redeem it for different stuff. I wanted to see if it would work so I did the minimum to get $3 amazon gift card and was surprised it legit credited it to my account. It only takes some receipts but it was totally worth it because I keep ALL of mine. They only do up to 14 day old receipts though :/ This is surprisingly wonderful because I can spend money I’m already going to spend and get free money! Have any of you tried this?”

VariableNature: “Fetch works in a similar way to apps like Checkout 51 or Ibotta. With Fetch, you scan a receipt from within the past 14 days, and it looks for certain products or brands. If those brands were part of the receipt, then you receive a certain amount of points.

The ways that this app is awesome, however, is how FAST it is to earn enough points to get the rewards. As a baseline, a $3 Amazon gift card (the lowest Amazon amount available) is worth 3000 points. Each receipt that has an accepted item/brand on it gets 1000 points immediately, as well as the points for the item/brand. Furthermore, there are some items and brands that are worth hundreds or even thousands of points, due to being labeled as “Special Offers”. All of this allows for the ability to earn rewards very quickly with minimal effort. As for the brands themselves that can earn points, there are a LOT. Ranging from Pepsi products to Quaker to Kraft, there’s a fair amount of variety available. Finally, about the receipts themselves. I have yet to find any rules about the number of receipts you can enter at a time or from a date, so if you’re one of those types that hoard receipts, this should be even better for you!”

Rack Up Points With Featured Deals and Offers

earthdogmonster: “I just look for the featured deals mainly. Sometimes they have some outright free stuff. Sometimes they have some nice stacks with ibotta/checkout 51/shopkick.Also, if you don’t submit anything for like 2 weeks, sometimes they send an incentive “bonus” for any receipt, usually 250-300 points. Since they let you submit pretty old receipts, I have waited for that “bonus” offer and then sent in a bunch of older receipts all at once. Fetch isn’t the best, but it isn’t bad, and their customer service is responsive. Also, sometimes Fetch will just give me a free physical magazine subscription for zero points (check your email). I am pushing nearly 400 bucks lifetime on Fetch, so you can get a payout that adds up. It just takes a while.”

Therealabbybob: “I’ll echo what other posters have said- check the extra point deals. Also- it helps if you buy the brands that offer extra points: Unilever, Bimbo, PepsiCo are big ones. Also, piggybacking with other apps is a good way to maximize each receipt. I use receipt hog too, Ibotta,, checkout51, bitmo, And Dosh. Now not all of them work at every store, and not all of them will have deals/rebates available, but those are the main apps that I tend to use while shopping. One last thing that helps earn extra points, if you use social media, I post my link for referrals on Twitter once a week.”

elliottbtx: “Agree with a previous post that said getting deals from manufacturers that offer deals helps. I do a lot of deals at CVS or Walgreens for Unilever products like Dove. That helps with Fetch.”

Shop Around With Fetch

lisa197: “split my transactions for couponing purposes since an area store has limited the number of coupons per transaction, for one thing. For another, I go to multiple stores for better deals or items that only a particular place has. I find it very easy to accumulate 14 or more receipts each week.”

thisismyname9496: “I do more here and there shopping then I do in single trips and i also submit my receipts for the snacks and stuff I buy at the convince store/gas station.”

There you have it, our inaugural list of the best Fetch hacks to grow points and earn rewards, according to Reddit. It’s easy to shop and dine, snap your receipts and earn more of what you love, for free! If you have a tip, trick or hack that you’re using to rack up rewards, we’d love to hear how you use Fetch to earn free gift cards and get cash back.

Don’t forget to use Fetch on your road trips!

Add your tip and comment on the official Fetch subreddit.

And big thank you to the Reddit Team and our faithful Fetch Fam on the various subreddits.

Happy Snapping & Saving, Snoo and savings crew!

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Christopher Parr is the VP of Marketing, B2B at Fetch.

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