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5-Step Morning Routine Featuring Fetch Brands

By Lauren McNiff

August 18, 2022

Perfect your pre-school or work morning with our easy 5-step daily morning routine, to do before you head out the door. Using the Fetch app will allow you to get rewarded and earn free gift cards on everyday essentials, including those in your morning routine!

#1: Wash Your Face

 gentle face wash,

The best way to wake yourself up after your alarm goes off is to wash your face! Using cold water and a cleanser, then proceed with your skincare routine.

#2: Brush Your Teeth

tooth brush and tooth paste

Take care of your pearly whites by brushing every morning!

#3: Put on Deodorant

men and womens deodorant Smelling good = feeling good. Make sure to put on some deodorant before heading out for the day.

#4: Take A Multivitamin

mens one a day multivitamin and kids one a day multivitaminMultivitamins have a vast array of healthful nutrients but always consult with your doctor first.

#5: Eat Breakfast

Cheerios box and Kodiak Power Waffles box

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so before leaving the house its important to make sure you fuel your mind and body! 

Earn free gift cards on all steps of your morning routine with the Fetch app by getting more points on the brands and products featured in our guide. Click below to download the app.

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Lauren McNiff

Lauren McNiff is the Social Media and Content Associate at Fetch