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How to Save Money at Kroger and Get Free Kroger Gift Cards with Fetch

By Kate Michael

October 11, 2022

It probably comes as no surprise to Kroger shoppers that their preferred grocery store was once named America’s “most loved” national grocery store in a People magazine public opinion poll.

Kroger isn’t just one of the largest grocery and retail operations in the United States, it satisfies with a great selection of food, a pleasant shopping experience, and a plethora of perks! Whether you already know you love shopping at Kroger because it is “fresh for everyone” or are just being introduced to Kroger’s commitment that everyone should have access to quality, affordable, and delicious food, there’s no doubt that the chain’s rewards programs, discount fuel, and a chance at weekly free items will pique your interest in being a frequent Kroger customer.

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How to Save Money at Kroger and Get Free Gift Cards with Fetch

And you can have all of this and save more money, too! You’ve come to the best place for tips, tricks, and money-saving trends. Here are the best ways we’ve found to save money shopping at Kroger:

Download the Fetch app and start earning points toward free Kroger gift cards

How easy it to save money when grocery shopping when you have gift cards on hand to put toward your purchase? With the Fetch app, every receipt you snap, whether at Kroger or another retailer, earns you points you can then put toward great rewards, including free Kroger gift cards. Fetch is free to download and use; there are no hidden fees or subscriptions, and it is compatible with either your Apple or Android device and easy to install on your smartphone or tablet.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, start snapping your receipts, and you’ll be well on your way to putting even more savings in your cart by way of the free Kroger gift cards you’ll soon be able to redeem.

Carry the Kroger PLUS loyalty card or sign up for Kroger Boost membership

The Kroger PLUS card is a no-fee membership program that has many benefits. Sure, you can shop without it, but if you want digital coupons and personalized Kroger deals, as well as access to fuel rewards for every dollar you spend, you’ll find carrying this convenient card (or having it stored on your Kroger app) to be worthwhile.

Kroger also recently added an expanded loyalty program. This paid membership program, called Kroger Boost, has two tiers that enhance any free Kroger PLUS offerings. The first tier, at $59 per year, features free, next-day delivery and $100+ savings on specialty brands such as Murray’s Cheese, Vitacost, Home Chef, Simple Truth, and Private Selection. To receive extra perks, Kroger Boost’s third tier, at $99 per year, will get you free delivery in as little as two hours.

According to Kroger, Boost membership can save shoppers more than $1,000 per year on fuel and grocery delivery.

Kroger Points Rewards Plus Program

Formerly known as Kroger Powerup Rewards, the Kroger Points Rewards Plus Program is a customer loyalty program that allows you to earn 1,000 points for every $40 spent on purchases of qualifying products. Rewards Points can then be redeemed for “gamer-favorite” rewards, which can range from specific snacks, frozen goods, and beverages to other items like gift cards, electronics, or even fuel points.

Use the Kroger app

The Kroger app allows you to unleash the full power of your shopping experience at your fingertips — and access some pretty cool hacks, too.

Not only can you load coupons, set notifications for free offers and other amazing Kroger deals, identify special promotions (that can nab you 4x fuel points!), create shopping lists, and even price check on the app, but you can take surveys, manage and fill prescriptions, and even see all of your past purchases and receipts.

Here’s a tip: Need to find an item quickly but can’t imagine where in the store to even begin your search? Did you know you could use the app to find out precisely where an item is located?

And the app doesn’t just save you time before shopping and while you are at the store, it can keep you from even having to stand in the checkout line! Put your Kroger app in Store Mode, bring your own bags, and as you pick your purchases, scan them with your app. Not only will the app keep a running total of your order, but any available digital coupons will be applied. When you’re ready to leave, just pay and checkout on your phone. How cool is that?!

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Don’t forget your Kroger check-out register coupons

Those extra machines that spit out coupons at the register are called Catalina machines, and the Catalina coupons that come out at the checkout can be used as cash for your next shopping trip. While some Catalina coupons are store specific and can only be used where they were earned — Kroger, for example — others are manufacturer coupons, which means they can be used in other stores.

These full-color long paper coupons aren’t random; they are triggered to print when a particular UPC code from a qualifying product is scanned. And they come in four basic types: manufacturer coupons for money off a specific product; money-back store coupons for a dollar amount off of the next purchase;  coupons for a local business or venue; or announcements about a current or future product or in-store promotion.

First off, don’t miss out on grabbing your Catalina coupons when they print. Also, be sure to check the machines at other self-service registers in Kroger stores as some customers forget or purposely leave their Catalina coupons at the register, making you one lucky shopper with extra savings!

And one more tip — consider breaking up your transactions to “roll” your Catalina coupons and make them scratch even farther. How? Since these rebates are almost always only good on your “next purchase,” you can thoughtfully separate your purchase into two transactions. The first would be the items that qualify for the coupon itself, plus any coupons appropriate to use. The next transaction will be the rest of your shopping items, with the Catalina coupon so you can use the savings right away. Genius!

Kroger online shopping: Is Kroger pick-up free?

You may consider ordering online and wonder whether or not there is a Kroger pick-up fee. Kroger online shopping and pickup used to be called “Kroger Clicklist,” but now that it’s a more sought-after perk of the Kroger shopping experience, Kroger pick-up is free on orders of $35 or more (otherwise, there is a service fee of $4.95 per order). This option for collecting your Kroger purchases is both a money and a time saver — not only is it super convenient, but it allows you to use coupons while also avoiding going in-store and being tempted to purchase items that you don’t need.

Kroger multiple item discounts

If you do venture into the store, excitement awaits. One of the most thrilling Kroger deals you’ll encounter is a multiple item discount or one in which you can score 2 items for $3 or even 10 for $10! Obviously, these are great deals for bulk purchasing, but did you know that, unlike some stores, you can take advantage of the discount even if you aren’t looking to purchase the full ten items?

That’s right, you don’t have to purchase 10 items to get the “10 for $10” discount. Each item will scan at $1, or $1.50 in the case of a 2-for $3 sale. This is a fantastic way to enjoy the best unit price on multiple items on your grocery list, so always keep an eye out for multiple item discounts on shelves around the store.

How to Save Money at Kroger and Get Free Gift Cards

Snag Free Friday items & other Kroger weekly digital deals

On select Fridays of every month, customers with a digital account can download a digital coupon for a free item! This Kroger weekly digital deal is usually redeemable within two weeks and shoppers claim they have benefited from free bread, yogurt, pet food, candy, and more.

Shop private label items: Kroger Smart Way

Buying generic or store-branded items is a smart shopping strategy, and Kroger has always been a leader in private label affordable grocery items, with brands like Simple Truth, Private Selection, and Home Chef covering categories ranging across natural and organic products, gourmet selections, and prepared foods. In fact, at one time Kroger had as many as sixteen legacy private label lines!

But recently, Kroger announced a consolidation of these lines into one budget-priced private label to rule them all — Smart Way. Comprising about 150 products with additional items scheduled to become available, Smart Way is your new go-to to save money on everything from jarred pickles and four packs of canned corn, to nonfood items like dish soap and boxes of napkins.

Look for Smart Way’s orange-and-white label that features the brand in lower case letters along with taglines like “saving in the right direction” and “smart ways to save every day.”

What’s more, Kroger guarantees that you’ll be satisfied with their private label brand items, or they may give you a national brand label on the house! The Kroger Brand Promise states that if you try one of their products and you’re not delighted, they will make it right with a replacement or refund (as long as you have the receipt).

Get an out-of-stock item upgrade at Kroger

Empty shelves and scarcity of preferred grocery items have been a valid concern lately.  But Kroger has you covered! When using Kroger pick-up — which, remember, is free for orders over $35 — and one of the items you ordered is out of stock, Kroger’s pick-up associates are trained to make satisfactory substitutions for out-of-stock items that are as close as possible to your original request.

This could mean you score the same type of out-of-stock item in a larger quantity upgrade, or the same type of item from a similar or better brand and offer it to you for the original, lower price.

And don’t worry, Kroger will make sure you approve any changes to your order or exchanges before you pay, so you’ll get all the bonuses of the swap without any surprises.

Do the Kroger customer satisfaction survey

Receipt and in-app surveys are more than just a way for Kroger to solicit feedback on their offerings and services, they are also an easy way to earn extra discounts and rewards points.

Make sure to check the bottom of your physical receipt for a code that says “Answer a survey for 50 bonus fuel points,” and pay attention to any pop-ups or links in your app or online Kroger account that offer you the opportunity to make your voice and opinion known about your Kroger shopping experience.

It takes only minutes and earns you a bonus of up to 50 points each time you do it. And when added to your shopping totals, this can really add up!

Fuel rewards: Kroger Fuel Points Program explained

Kroger is already one of the best places to save when fueling up because it offers high-quality gasoline, which is sourced from Shell, but does not require a membership to enjoy its low gas pump prices. But while anyone can take advantage of this boon, carrying a Kroger PLUS shoppers card, which is completely free, can really power up the savings.

The Kroger PLUS earns shoppers one fuel point per dollar spent with every ten points worth a cent off Kroger gas per gallon… up to $1 off per gallon! There are even bonus earnings for certain grocery items or gift card purchases, and Kroger app users can even score special 4X fuel points bonanzas! Kroger does have a maximum of 35 gallons of discounted gas per fill-up, and once you’ve used it — either for 35 gallons or a single gallon — it’s gone, so you’ll want to use your accumulated gas points wisely. The smartest shoppers have told us they take multiple cars to fuel up at the same time (without putting the pump back in its holder) using their Kroger Fuel Points, or they use multiple gas canisters to take advantage of their maximum discount each time. That’s a savvy way to save.

How To Save the Most Money on Gas

Take advantage of Kroger’s Cash Back Rewards Program & cash back coupons

Cash back on groceries sounds about as good as it gets. In what is basically a rebate program, Kroger’s Cash Back Rewards works in the Kroger app to pay you back for qualifying items. You can decide if you want the funds through PayPal or as a Kroger in-store credit.

To take advantage, you’ll log in to your store account online or on the app and load any offers. Purchase those items, remembering to scan your shopper’s card. Within a week the reward value will be shown in your account, and you can transfer the cash to spend (PayPal transfer require a minimum of $20 accumulated).

Fetch additional savings today by redeeming your points for free Kroger gift cards

Whenever and wherever you shop, but especially at Kroger, open the Fetch app and upload a copy of your receipt to earn points on every purchase that can add up to free Kroger gift cards to save you even more money — or treat yourself for being such a savvy shopper. The best part is that you don’t need to change your shopping habits or add anything special to your cart. It’s like found money!

Fetch even offers special grocery deals that earn bonus and special offer points, so you can shop Fetch partner stores, like Kroger — and even conveniently save your favorite grocery deals which can earn you more points — to your Smart List in the Fetch app and be reminded when there are greater savings to snag. Nab bonus points when you purchase any of hundreds of special promotions that can easily be found at Kroger, like Pepsi products, Barilla pasta, Sargento cheeses, and Entenmann’s baked goods.

So whether you shop in-store, have your groceries delivered, or use Kroger’s free pick-up option, snap a copy of your physical receipt or connect receipts in your email inbox to Fetch so that the app can automatically apply points for purchasing participating products and special deals.

And once you’ve accumulated enough reward points, you can redeem them for free Kroger gift cards or for other gift cards across countless shopping categories, including popular brands in travel, beauty, electronics, pets, and groceries.

That’s a super fresh way to save money shopping at Kroger and get some “green” back from America’s most loved grocery store.

Kroger gift card FAQs & how-to’s


Do Kroger gift cards expire?

No, Kroger gift cards do not expire. You can use the funds on your Kroger e-gift card at any point in time.

How to use a Kroger e-gift card / How to use a Kroger gift card online

According to their website, Kroger e-gift cards are redeemable in stores only.

To redeem your Kroger digital gift card and use it in-store, simply show your Kroger e-gift card to the cashier when checking out and allow them to scan it.


How to check your Kroger gift card balance

You can easily check your Kroger gift card balance online on Kroger’s website simply by entering your Kroger gift card information.

You can also check your Kroger gift card balance by calling 1-866-822-6252 or using the Kroger mobile app.

To check your Kroger gift card balance using the Kroger mobile app:

  1. Open the Kroger app on your mobile device.
  2. Click on the 3-dashed menu and then click on “Gift Card Mall”
  3. Select “Check Kroger Gift Card Balance.”
  4. Enter your Kroger gift card information.
  5. Click on “Check Balance.”

Where can I use a Kroger gift card?

Kroger gift cards can be used at any Kroger store or any of the wide range of stores within the Kroger family, which also includes Barclay Jewelers, Baker’s, City Market, Copps, Dillons, Food 4 Less, Foods Co., Fresh Eats, Fry’s Food and Drug, Gerbes, Jay C, King Soopers, Mariano’s, Metro Market, Owen’s, Pay Less Supermarkets, Pick ‘n Save, QFC, Ralphs, Smith’s Food and Drug, and Turkey Hill Experience.

Can you use a Kroger gift card for gas?

Wondering, “Can Kroger gift cards be used for gas?” According to Kroger’s gift card site, no, Kroger gift cards cannot be redeemed for fuel.

Can you earn 2X or 4X fuel points with Kroger gift cards?

No, Kroger gift cards are not eligible to earn Kroger 2X or 4X fuel rewards.

Can I buy gift cards with a Kroger gift card?

No, Kroger gift cards cannot be used to purchase other gift cards.

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