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How to Save Money at Whole Foods and Get Free Whole Foods Gift Cards With Fetch

By Katya Bychkova

October 2, 2022

Over the last year, grocery shoppers have cultivated a renewed focus on health, quality, and uncovering the best prices. Whole Foods is one of the best-known retailers of healthy, premium groceries. They have an organic grocer certification and stock more than 20,000 organic products at their 500 stores across the U.S.

Whether you shop in person or place your order through Amazon, it’s quick and easy to shop at Whole Foods, and get access to healthy and quality groceries, from almost anywhere in the US.

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Quick and easy is great, but we also want to save money on our grocery bills. And, who wouldn’t want to save more money when shopping for healthy, premium groceries?

This in-depth guide breaks down all of the money-saving strategies that you can use while shopping at Whole Foods. Plus, with the Fetch app, you can earn free Whole Foods gift cards.

But first, if you haven’t, go ahead and download the Fetch app, so you can start earning points for free Whole Foods gift cards right away:

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How to Save Money at Whole Foods

How to Earn Free Whole Foods Gift Cards by Snapping Your Receipts With Fetch

A Fetch Coin How to save money at Whole Foods

For people who just started shopping at Whole Foods, their first experience might be intimidating. It’s a known fact that organic foods are more expensive than generic, so the typical grocery cart might be more pricey than at your usual supermarket.

Don’t worry about getting out of your budget, though: With the help of these Whole Foods shopping tips, you can lower your bill and get your premium, all-natural groceries at a fraction of the price.

Fetch Firework 4 easy ways to save when shopping at Whole Foods

In a nutshell, we can divide all the ways you can save at Whole Foods into four categories:

1. Whole Foods Coupons

There are two types of coupons you can use at Whole Foods. The first one you can find on the Whole Foods website and in a Weekly Sales printout in stores. The new sales week starts on Wednesday – that’s the day when you can score the best deals at Whole Foods. The second category is manufacturer coupons available on brands’ websites and in Sunday papers.

Amazon deals and coupons

2. Amazon Prime Deals

You will see yellow and blue signs throughout the store with the Amazon logo. At checkout, scan your unique Amazon Prime code to see the total amount saved; all Prime savings are marked as such at the end of your transactions list.

If you aren’t a Prime member you can sign up on Amazon’s site or app. Prime membership also gives you access to fast shipping, Amazon’s streaming service, Twitch Prime and Prime Gaming, and other perks.

Amazon Prime Day

3. Fetch Points

You can earn Fetch points by either snapping your receipts with the Fetch app or connecting your email and Amazon accounts to snap eReceipts. We recommend doing all three, to earn the most points for free Whole Foods gift cards.

How to scan receipts for fetch

4. Cash back

If you shop a lot at Whole Foods and Amazon, it might make sense to open a Chase credit card offering cash back for purchases from Amazon and Whole Foods. You will get cash-back bonus points that can be used for future purchases.

Amazon credit card signup

Fetch Firework Genius hacks to spend less and save money at Whole Foods

Woman shopping for deal

In addition to the well-known money-saving strategies, some unique smart shopping hacks will cut your total bill.

1. Shop Whole Foods brand to save more

With hundreds of brands available in its stores, the 365 Everyday Value brand owned by Whole Foods offers plenty of affordable products that still match the company’s high standards of quality.

Think about these products as generic versions of over-the-counter drugs: almost identical quality but for a fraction of the price. Try matching the store sales events with your 10% Prime deals for the steepest discounts.

2. Cut it in half when needed

Did you know you don’t have to buy an entire loaf of bread or cheese while shopping at Whole Foods? Thanks to the company’s superb customer service, you can talk to the associates and ask them to cut the item you need down to size. It could be convenient if you are working on a special recipe but don’t have an at-home scale or need a smaller portion for your household.

3. Look out for semi-annual sales

Did you know that Whole Foods is running seasonal sales? For instance, a few times per year, you can save on beverages during one of Whole Foods’ wine sales.

4. Bring your bag

Like many supermarkets, Whole Foods offers a 5- to 10-cent discount per each shopping bag you bring. Do a good deed for the environment by reducing waste and saving money simultaneously.

5. Sample it

It might come as a surprise, but you can ask a sales associate to taste the product before you buy. It might save you a few bucks if you avoid buying items like cheese and olives you don’t like.

6. Visit the bulk section… to buy less!

Living in a small household, you can save money by purchasing products from the bulk section. For instance, if you only cook for yourself, it could take weeks to go through perishable ingredients. Get just a tiny bit, for one meal, and save money by avoiding product spoilage or staleness.

Conversely, if the product is non-perishable, or has a very long shelf life, buying in larger, bulk quantities, will lower the overall cost, in the long term.

7. Buy frozen meat and fish

You can save a lot of money by buying frozen products. In some cases, what you believe as “fresh” fish and meat are defrosted as transporting these products in their natural condition is more costly. Not only are they generally cheaper, but they will also last much longer in your freezer.

8. Order custom-made cakes

If you go with a local baker, the price for a special occasion cake could get into three digits. Also, there is no guarantee that a local baker will use all-natural ingredients to prepare your cake. Did you know that you can order a custom cake at Whole Foods? To do so, visit this page or call your local store to place an order.

9. Score deals at the prepared food department

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out the prices of prepared meals at Whole Foods as you are presented with all the delicious options. Bookmark this page if you eat at Whole Foods often and want to know the deals. You’ll be surprised to learn that, every week, stores run promotions such as buy one, get one half off 18″ hot pizza on Fridays, and 25% large quiches on Saturdays.

10. Save on catering

If you plan a gathering or even a business meeting, you can save money by ordering prepared food from Whole Foods, rather than a local cafe or a restaurant. Most importantly, since you can pre-schedule your pick-up, you are saving time planning your special event.

Fetch Firework Whole Foods and Amazon: 5 things to know

A mom discovering the best Amazon items for moms

1. Does Amazon own Whole Foods?
Yes, in 2017, Amazon purchased Whole Foods, which is why you can place your Whole Foods order using your Amazon app. You need to have an active Amazon Prime membership to access all the savings described below. Once signed up, download the Amazon app to see all the benefits this company offers to Whole Food shoppers.

2. Can you use Amazon gift cards at Whole Foods?
Unfortunately, Amazon gift cards cannot be used when shopping at Whole Foods and are not considered the same as Whole Foods gift cards.

3. Grocery delivery

The Amazon app allows you to order your groceries from Whole Foods. There are a few scheduling options where you can pick same-day or next-day delivery and one- or two-hour delivery slots.

4. Prime member discounts

When shopping in person, look out for stickers of blue and yellow colors. Blue signs will help you save on specific products if you are a Prime member. Yellow signs get you an extra 10% off the sale items.

5. Weekly deals

Shopping Whole Foods on Amazon makes all of the weekly sales conveniently available in one place. The discounted items are separated by category, with a sticker indicating how much you save on each item.

A Fetch Coin How to earn free Whole Foods gift cards by snapping your receipts with Fetch

Whole foods free gift cards from Fetch

While some shopping hacks depend on current deals and what exactly you are shopping for, there is a universally accessible way to save even more at Whole Foods. You need to download the Fetch app and start snapping your receipts, so you can earn rewards points. Then, you can convert those points into gift cards to popular retailers, including Whole Foods!

Fetch Firework What is the Fetch App and how can Fetch help me save at Whole Foods?

Woman using Fetch on her phone

To put it simply, the Fetch app is a tool that makes it easy to earn free gift cards, no matter where you shop. Whether an Amazon order or a snack at your local deli, you can snap receipts and get reward points. You can earn more or fewer points depending on which retailer you are shopping at and which products you are purchasing. One of the ways to make more is to shop products from the Special Offers section on the Fetch app.

Fetch Special Offers examples

If you are not a Fetch member yet (it’s free!), follow these steps to get started.

Step 1: Download the Fetch App

Fetch is free to download and use; there are no hidden fees or subscriptions. Get the app for your Apple or Android devices and install it on your smartphone or tablet.

Step 2: Snap Your Receipts to Earn Fetch Points

Whenever you shop at Whole Foods, Amazon, Target, or any other retailer, open the Fetch app and snap a photo of your receipt. Click on the orange camera icon to select “eReceipt” for Amazon orders or “Snap” for regular receipts. As a rule, you will receive at least 25 points per receipt scanned.

Depending on your purchased products, you may earn up to 20,000 points on select receipts! 20,000 points equal $20 of instant savings.

Step 3: Convert Your Points Into Free Whole Foods Gift Cards

The best part about the Fetch app is when you accumulate a certain number of points, you can convert them into gift cards. To select the retailer you want a gift card from, go to the Rewards section of the app and find the category you are looking for.

You can use your points to get gift cards to Whole Foods, movies, restaurants, entertainment, fashion, beauty, or travel categories. Or send your points towards a charitable organization you support!

Fetch Firework How to earn more Fetch points to redeem for free Whole Foods gift cards

The Ultimate Guide to Fetch

There are a few ways to earn additional points on the Fetch app, which translates into more free Whole Foods gift cards.

1. Earn your sign-up bonus

Everyone who joins the Fetch app automatically earns a 2,000-4,000 points sign-up bonus, when they use a referral code. 4,000 points put you just 1,000 points away from your first free $5 gift card.

2. Invite friends to join

Every time you invite a friend to join Fetch, you both get at least 2,000 points. You can copy and share your promo code in the Me section of the app.

3. Stay on top of special offers

Find the most points-earning deals on the home page of the Fetch app. Special Offers give hundreds or thousands of points, per product purchased – stay on top of these incredible deals to get more points and earn free Whole Foods gift cards!

4. Follow your friends’ savings

Fetch is a social app where you can see how your friends earn Fetch points. Following your friends’ journey might give you some ideas on how to earn more points!

5. Promote the app on social media

If you are active on social media, you can invite your online friends to join the Fetch app too! Copy your 6-digit promo code under the Me section and share along on social! Fetch’s social channels also feature contests and giveaways that can net you tons of extra points.

Fetch Firework Let Fetch help you save at Whole Foods

If you haven’t yet, be sure to download the Fetch app. Click the buttons below, or scan the QR code, to start earning points from all of your Whole Foods purchases, and then turn those points into free Whole Foods gift cards!

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