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How to Travel with Fetch

By Kimberly Fisher

November 3, 2022

Travel is one of the most fun and rewarding memories we can give ourselves and our loved ones, but it often comes with a hefty price tag. With the cost of flights, hotels, food, tours and additional transportation, the costs can quickly add up. We have some of our favorite tips on how to travel with Fetch: 


Plan Ahead 

If you know what your schedule is ahead of time, be sure to plan ahead! Last minute tickets can be pricey. Airlines price tickets by class of service, so the earlier you book the better the chance of a lower fare. If you are looking for 

Be flexible 

Flexibility while planning can also save you money. Look to flying on different days or out of alternate airports. 

Opt for off season 

The price of a vacation from on season to off season is significant and can save you significant money overall. Think Caribbean during the early summer months or Eastern Europe October through April, or underrated regions like Central Asia Middle East that tend to be less expensive than larger cities. Other perks: during off season or a lesser know area will be less crowded overall, and prices for food and tours will also be lower. You might also want to check out smaller, lesser frequented cities as opposed to large cities for a more authentic experience, as well as being wallet friendly. 

Work the currency 

Where does your money go the farthest? If you are from a country with strong currency like the USA, Europe, Australia, etc.) you can explore exotic places like Bali, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam. 

Avoid tourist traps 

You’ve seen them everywhere- the restaurants on the main strip, the shops right outside of your hotel. Stay away from the pricey tourist traps! Stray off the beaten path, and not only will the food probably be better and more authentic, but more than likely more affordable. If in doubt, ask the locals. They don’t want to pay tourist prices, and probably have some favorite hotspots. 

Plan a budget and stick to it 

Find fun ways to save for a vacation fund, and then stick to it. Also look for budget-friendly cities. 

Find free things to do

Did you know that most cities have free things to do? Look for free days at museums, street art, explore local parks or local events and live music. has dedicated a whole website to walking tours in over 120 locations around the world. 

Save on transportation 

Instead of renting a car, the best way to see and explore a new city (as well as to get in your steps!)  is to walk. Also, don’t forget to check out the public transportation system (buses, subways, light rails and trains) for additional low-cost transportation. Buses are typically cheaper than trains, especially in Europe. 

Don’t eat every meal out 

Eating out every meal every single day of your vacation can be expensive, so instead of eating out every meal, look to easy breakfasts, lunch or snacks you can make at home. Look for healthy options like protein bars, nuts, fruit, and string cheese. 

Fetch Pro-Tip: Stock up on LÄRABAR, Nature Valley, POPCORNERS or Blue Diamond Almonds for snacks, and get Fetch bonus points. 

Take advantage of loyalty programs

Almost every airline and hotel has a loyalty program, that will get you free perks, discounts and miles or points that can be used for free trips, stays and even upgrades. Make sure to sign up and keep track of miles earned. 

Take advantage of gift cards 

With the Fetch app, you can scan receipts and easily accrue points to trade in for gift cards to use on your next vacation. Fetch Travel Partners include Airbnb, Delta, Celebrity Cruises, Princess Cruise Line, Southwest Airlines, and 



This app is perfect for avoiding pricing hotels and finding something at a much lower cost. Some listings are truly unique, such as lofts, cabins, tiny homes, treehouses and earth homes. 

Fetch Pro-Tip: Get free Airbnb gift cards by redeeming points on the Fetch app. 


With the Fetch app, you can scan receipts and easily accrue points to trade in for gift cards you can use on your travels. Fetch Travel Partners include Airbnb, Delta, Celebrity Cruises, Princess Cruise Line, Southwest Airlines, and 


If you are looking for an app to search hundreds of travel sites at once to offer you the best deals, Kayak is a reliable travel booking website and app. You can also track prices over time, letting your get the best deal possible. 


This free app helps organize your trip quickly and easily- Just forward your booking info, and it will create a printable itinerary showing everything from flights, hotel, restaurants, activities and more. 

The bottom line is that travel can be expensive, but not when you travel with Fetch and our travel tips to save you money. Make sure you click the buttons below or scan the QR code to download the Fetch app and start saving points for your free travel gift cards.

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Kimberly Fisher

Kimberly Fisher is a freelance writer and on-camera host, Kimberly has traveled the world and has published over 400 articles in over 44 publications including Sherman's Travel, Huffington Post, Just Luxe, Luxury Lifestyles UK, eHow, Examiner, Food Wine Travel Magazine, Luxe Beat, NiteGuide, Ocean View, and USA Today.