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Make Memorial Day Grilling a Snap with Fetch

By Danny Carlon

May 20, 2022

Summer is here, and everyone’s fired up for some Memorial Day grilling. Whether you’re pulling out all the stops for a big Memorial Day party or just having a small family get-together, Fetch can make your holiday plans easy and more rewarding with point-boosting Memorial Day deals you won’t want to miss. Learn how you can easily turn your grilling shopping list into free gift cards this Memorial Day Weekend.

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Haven’t tried Fetch yet? Download our rewards app today to take advantage of exclusive Memorial Day deals you won’t find anywhere else!

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When is Memorial Day This Year?

Every year, Memorial Day is observed on the last Monday in May.

Feast on Memorial Day Deals and Earn Rewards

When you’re loading up the cart at the grocery store this weekend, make sure you load up on points, too. Fetch is offering huge rewards for your entire backyard spread, so be sure to have the app open while you make your grocery list. Earn points when you buy Coors Light, Miller Lite, Pepsi, Bubly, Doritos, Tostitos, Sabra, Sargento…the list goes on and on (and on).

Wondering what to cook for Memorial Day? Since meat is typically the main event, don’t forget to pick up some hot dogs or organic turkey burgers from Applegate or vegetarian-friendly options from Beyond Meat and Impossible, all of which will help you earn more rewards.

To take advantage of your available Memorial Day deals, open the Fetch app, view all your personalized offers in the Discover tab, and be sure to “like” your favorite offers to ensure you don’t forget any ingredients (or points) at the grocery store. Combine holiday weekend sales at the supermarket with all the points you’ll earn by shopping the offers available near you, and you’ll be enjoying the best deals this Memorial Day.

Save Money on Your Memorial Day Cookout With Fetch Gift Cards

So far, we’ve covered ways Fetch can earn you points this Memorial Day, but it’s also worth mentioning that Fetch can help fund your barbecue. With gift cards for stores like Kroger, Whole Foods, Target, Instacart, Safeway, and more, this might be the perfect opportunity to spend some of those points you’ve been earning all year round and enjoy Memorial Day discounts.

What’s Open on Memorial Day?

You may be waiting to hit the stores in order to take advantage of the freshest ingredients, or maybe the weekend just got away from you and you’re needing to know where you can make a last-minute grocery run this Memorial Day. Either way, there are a number of stores open on Memorial Day if you’re still needing to stock up on supplies before the gettogether. Just be sure to check the hours for the location nearest you, as they may differ from their normal hours. Regardless of where you shop, though, make sure you snap your receipt with Fetch to earn rewards on your purchases.

Is Sam’s Club Open on Memorial Day?

Whether you’re wanting to stock up on spirits and beer or you really want a gallon jug of Hellman’s mayo, Sam’s Club is open on Memorial Day to handle all your buy-in-bulk needs.

Is Target Open on Memorial Day?

Need to stock up on last-minute party supplies or wanting a new summer ’fit to rock at the backyard party? Target is open on Memorial Day and will have just what you need.

Is Home Depot Open on Memorial Day?

It’s the big day, you have guests coming over for a barbecue in just a few hours, and catastrophe strikes: your trusty grill, which brought you many years of faithful service, is somehow busted. Never fear! Home Depot is open on Memorial Day, so you can swing by and pick up a new charcoal or gas-powered grill in time for the afternoon festivities.

Is Starbucks Open on Memorial Day?

Need a little pick-me-up before the cookout gets rolling? Starbucks is open on Memorial Day and ready to supply you with the caffeine boost you need to make it through the busy day.

Does Amazon Deliver on Memorial Day?

Awaiting a last-minute delivery of necessities for the holiday weekend barbecue? Unfortunately, Amazon does not make deliveries on Memorial Day, so you’re out of luck on that front, but your local grocery store, Target, or Sam’s will likely be open and should have what you need.

Are Restaurants Open on Memorial Day?

If you felt like avoiding the at-home mess and all the guests this year, you might be wondering which restaurants are open on Memorial Day. Some restaurants will be open, but others will not. Since this will vary from one restaurant to the next, if you’re planning to go out to eat this Memorial Day, it’s best to call ahead and confirm your eatery of choice is, in fact, open on the holiday.

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Head to the App to See What Memorial Day Deals Await You

Memorial Day only comes once a year, so make the most of it however you celebrate. Whether that’s spending time with family or gathering with friends, Fetch makes the planning easy, so you can focus on what’s important to you.

Haven’t downloaded our rewards app yet? There’s still time! Download Fetch to see all your personalized offers that will earn you lots of points this Memorial Day Weekend, and make sure you share your referral code with your friends and family (maybe over a cold one at the barbecue!) to get even more reward points.

Note: The offers in the app are served up just for you. Some of your offers might not match those detailed above. Explore the app to see what kind of unique rewards are waiting for you!

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