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The Best Ways to Save on the Keto Diet

By Kimberly Fisher

May 16, 2022

Have you heard of the Keto Diet? 

The Keto diet is a great way to eat healthier and feel great. Keto doesn’t have to break your bank. You can invest in high-quality keto diet foods and still find ways to save money.

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First off, What is the Keto Diet? 

Short for the ketogenic diet, the specific diet plan focuses on a low carb and high fat intake.  Studies have shown that it offers several health benefits such as weight loss, decreased levels of triglycerides, LDL cholesterol, and blood glucose, and increased levels of HDL cholesterol. The Keto diet is very similar to the Atkins Diet and other low-carb diets, and all ketogenic diets reduce your carb intake. This in turn puts your body into a metabolic state called ketosis, which forces your body to burn fat instead of carbs. 

What are Keto-approved Foods? 

Chicken, beef, pork, fish (like salmon), seafood, eggs, cheese, nuts, seeds, cottage cheese, avocados, berries, green leafy vegetables, non-starchy vegetables, and Greek yogurt are all staples of a keto diet. You will have a limited carb intake, mostly coming from nuts, dairy, and vegetables. You will want to avoid most processed/refined carbs like bread, pasta, starches (potatoes, beans, legumes), and fruit.  

Wonderworks Keto PB box
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With all of the different food options, it’s great to also keep some keto-approved snacks on hand, like ratio keto. They carefully select ingredients with a unique combo of protein, net carbs, and sugar to help you keep keto-approved snacks on hand like tasty bars and yogurt that are high-protein and gluten-free. If you are a cereal lover, check out Wonderworks Keto Cereal. This Keto-friendly version of breakfast cereal comes in tasty flavors like chocolate, peanut butter, and cinnamon, and will make you feel like a kid again while still keeping it healthy. 

Ratio keto bars and yogurt
You can also get Fetch Rewards bonus points from ratio Keto bars and yogurt

Plan Ahead 

Planning meals ahead of time will be a lifesaver, and keep you on track with your keto diet. Make a shopping list before you head to the store, and then stick to the list and try to avoid any unneeded purchases. Sunday is a great day for planning your meals ahead of time, and batching meals, but choose a date and a time that works for you. 

Keep it Simple 

When it comes to planning your Keto meals, it’s best to keep it simple. If you streamline the process, you will spend less time shopping, prepping foods, cooking and in turn less money! A great way to keep it simple? Use less expensive cuts of meat with healthy fats and add in some veggies, use whole food ingredients and cook in bulk. 

Woman shopping with man

Shop in Bulk 

Shopping in bulk can be a great way to lower your costs while stocking up on keto rich foods. If an item is on sale, even better for additional savings. Stock up on foods that can be frozen or have a longer shelf life, like chicken, bacon, beef, frozen veggies, and almond flour. Also remember to store everything properly. One of the best ways to shop in bulk is to buy at membership wholesale stores like Costco or Sam’s Club, which carry quality products at an attractive price point. 

Fetch Pro-tip: You can get free Sam’s Club gift cards by snapping your receipts with the Fetch Rewards app.

Frozen over Fresh  

A great way to save money on produce is to hit the frozen aisles. Here, you can find keto-friendly berries, broccoli and cauliflower that are not only less expensive than the fresh version, but longer lasting.

Shop in Season 

Another great way to save money is to shop what is in season, and shop locally if possible. Prices increase when the food has to travel for miles, and it feels great to support your local farmer’s market. 

Shop Online

It’s no secret that some of the best pantry staples come from ordering online. Price comparison shop for pantry staples like peanut butter, almond flour, protein powders, spices, and more. Some great online places to shop include,

Fetch online shopping - scan eReceipts

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Shop the Sales 

No shame in cruising down the sale aisle and seeing what’s on offer. This is a great way to cut costs, especially on different cuts of meat. Buy what you need, but also don’t forget to stock the freezer for future meals. 

Eggs Will Be Your Best Friend 

On a Keto diet, eggs will be your best friend. Not only are they extremely budge friendly, eggs contain high-quality protein, fat and iron, vitamins, minerals, and carotenoids. Not just for breakfast, eggs can be made into numerous dishes for any time of day! Keto egg cups, hard boiled eggs, omelets and keto-egg salad are all delicious options! 

Keto meal with eggs avocado and bacon

More Ways to Save on Groceries

Scan Your Receipts 

Another great way to save money on the keto diet is to scan all of your receipts into the Fetch Rewards app. After a quick, easy scan, points can be earned that can be redeemed into gift cards for many healthy places like Amazon, Target, Whole Foods, The Vitamin Shoppe, and more. 

You can do the keto diet on a budget, and even save money at the same time! 

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