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Which Type of Grocery Shopper Are You?

By Chris Pagnani

May 28, 2024

Whether you’re grocery shopping for yourself, for you and your partner, or for a whole family, you’re doing it wrong if you’re not using Fetch. Our free grocery app rewards you for all your shopping hauls, not just at the supermarket, but everywhere! Shop online or IRL, snap your receipts with Fetch, and earn rewards: it’s that simple.

Find out which type of grocery shopper you are below, and read on to learn the best Fetch hacks for maximizing every trip to the grocery store in order to earn rewards fast. Don’t have Fetch yet? Download the app today, and start putting these grocery-shopping hacks to the test!

Choose Your Shopper: Take the Quiz

Take our quiz to find out what kind of grocery shopper you are!



Regardless of which type of grocery shopper you are, Fetch can help you turn your shopping hauls into free gift cards. Learn how to “hack” Fetch to maximize your rewards, even on the most budget-conscious grocery trips!

Groceries = Rewarded: What is Fetch?

Fetch is America’s Rewards App, and it’s totally free to download! With the app, you’ll get rewarded for all the purchases you’re making in person and online. Simply snap your receipts with Fetch, and you’ll earn points on every purchase which you can redeem for free gift cards to your favorite retailers. Whether you’re doing your weekly grocery shopping, placing an order on Amazon, picking up home goods at Target, or grabbing a bite to eat on the go, Fetch will earn you rewards anywhere you shop.

Earn Rewards Fast by Making Fetch Your Go-To Grocery List App

While you’re guaranteed to earn at least 25 points on every shopping receipt you snap with Fetch, there are several hacks you should know in order to maximize the rewards you earn when grocery shopping. Here’s how to grocery shop like a pro using Fetch:

Always Shop Your Personalized Offers

When you open Fetch, you’ll be greeted with personalized offers on a myriad of brands and products that are worth bonus points. Buy any of these products at the grocery store, and those bonus points will get added to your account once you snap your receipt. Some offers may be for things you already buy, and other offers will allow you to find new favorite items you’re sure to love that will become a staple of future trips to the store.

Make Your Grocery List by Favoriting Offers Available Near You

Once you find the offers you want to redeem, you can “like” your offers and use your saved favorites as your grocery list once you’re at the store. You can even use our grocery list app to find which stores near you carry the items on your list, so you don’t miss out on any point-earning opportunities.

Buy Boosted Brands

With Boost, you’ll earn even more points per dollar on select brands. Check out your Boosted brands in the app and combine these with your available offers to make each grocery receipt a total points party.

Fetch Play While You Wait in Line at Checkout

How about getting rewarded for playing games on your phone while you wait in line at the grocery store checkout? With Fetch Play, you can! 5 minutes here, 10 minutes there: all that time adds up, so why not get something in return? Browse your Fetch Play game library, download a couple games, and turn that downtime waiting in line at the supermarket into yet another way to boost your points balance and earn even more rewards.

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Make Fetch Your Trusty Grocery Shopping Companion

With the Fetch app by your side and these handy tips and tricks in your back pocket, earning free rewards while grocery shopping is a cinch! Download our free grocery app today, shop your personalized offers, and snap every receipt to turn all your purchases into BIG points. Then you can treat yourself to something fun with the free gift cards you earned simply for grocery shopping with Fetch.

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