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Summer Bucket List Ideas for All Ages From Fetch

By James Robinson

June 25, 2024

Spend an afternoon or evening putting together a summer bucket list, and the season could take you to places you never expected and see you accomplishing goals you felt beyond your reach. You might not cross everything off your list, but jotting down your top summer bucket list ideas ensures you’ll have more fun than ever. And, for parents, it’s also a great way to bond with your kiddos!

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What is a Bucket List and How Do I Make One?

A bucket list is simply a list of all the experiences you’d like to enjoy before a predetermined end date. People make college bucket lists, vacation bucket lists, and even summer bucket lists. Make a summer bucket list of your own, and you could enjoy the best one of your life, regardless of your age!

Wondering how to make a bucket list for this summer? No worries, we have tips:

  • Convince a friend to make their own bucket list, so you can share accountability and maybe even a few experiences.
  • Include a mix of things you can do easily on a random weekend with a few more memorable ideas.
  • Think about every facet of your life, from work to health to family and friends.
  • Consider why you want to do these things and what you think you’ll get out of them.

Fetch Has Your Bucket List for Summer

Bucket lists have no age restrictions, but we bet certain summer bucket list ideas are going to speak louder to kids while others hit the spot for teens and adults. That’s why we’ve put together three quick lists of our own for inspiration – even if they’re not up your alley, they might spark an interest you never knew you had.

Summer Bucket List Ideas for Adults

Remember being a kid and thinking adults could do anything and go anywhere? Yeah, not quite as good as we imagined. Kid-me knew sweet Fanny Adams about interest rates or FICA, the fool.

Well, now’s the time to make your younger self proud and embrace their sense of what’s possible. Here are just a few ideas for summer fun with your significant other, your friends, or family:

  • Expand your horizons visiting a new city
  • Reconnect with an old friend
  • Volunteer at an animal shelter
  • Have friends and family over for a budget-friendly BBQ
  • Commit to getting fit and running a 10K by summer’s end
  • Set off on a cycling tour
  • Book yourself in for a refreshing staycation at home
  • Tidy up your backyard garden
  • Take in movies at a film festival or a theater near you
  • Go bungee jumping
  • Host a board game night for your besties
  • Throw a party
  • Ride every roller coaster at your closest theme park
  • Indulge yourself with a spa day
Printable summer bucket list for adults


Summer Bucket List Ideas for Teens

The whole world opens up as you enter your teens, though it’s a bittersweet time for parents with graduation and college right on the horizon. You’ll want to make the most of each teenage summer you have, and putting together a bucket list is a great way to get started.

Here are a bunch of great ideas to add to your teen bucket list:

  • Go on an overnight hike
  • Pick up canoeing, kayaking, or stand-up paddleboarding
  • Read one of the great classic novels
  • Take a college class or summer program
  • Learn an instrument
  • Head to a music festival
  • Camp out in the backyard with your friends
  • Take your first road trip
  • Learn how to prepare your favorite meal
  • Try go-karting
  • Hit up your local escape room
  • Become a summer camp counselor
  • Have a bonfire and make s’mores
  • Start a journal
  • Host an epic 24-hour gaming session
Printable summer bucket list for teens


Summer Bucket List Ideas for Kids

Summertime is childhood nirvana. A hundred and four days of summer vacation, as two wise souls once put it, before school comes along to end it. The annual problem for young generations? Finding the best way to spend it.

We know what we’d be doing if we were that age (although, heck, even adults could enjoy these). Here are a few summer bucket list ideas for kids to get your imagination running:

  • Get soaked in a water balloon fight
  • Catch fireflies once it gets dark
  • Explore a new playground
  • Try a game of minigolf
  • Take to the skies by flying a kite
  • Encounter wildlife at the zoo
  • Go to a live sports game
  • Make a splash at a local waterpark
  • Build a fort or treehouse in the backyard
  • Have a slumber party with your best friends
  • Pick your own fruit
  • Create your own scavenger hunt
  • Take in the 4th of July fireworks
  • Take on an obstacle ropes course
  • Do an arts and crafts project
Printable summer bucket list for kids


How Fetch Can Help You Crush This Summer’s Bucket List

Following through on your summer bucket list is that much easier with added incentives, like opportunities to earn free gift cards: the Fetch app has now entered the chat.

We’re about more than taking photos of your receipts and delivering reward points. Our app comes crammed with:

Each helps you rapidly rack up points for every cent you spend on partnered brands. You could earn extra points by:

  • Picking up some Blue Moon or Leinenkugel’s for your BBQ (for the adults, obviously)
  • Shopping with Scotts for your gardening supplies
  • Heading to Jamba Starbucks for a catch-up session with an old friend
  • Checking out Party City to find party products
  • Choosing Sam’s Club for your camping supplies

Things get even better once you’ve saved up enough reward points through the app to earn free gift cards. Earning points on every receipt lets you get free gift cards for:

  • Airbnb when you want to explore that new city
  • Xbox or PlayStation Store for when you’re hosting that epic gaming marathon
  • Papa Johns for when you’re having that slumber party with your friends
  • Bath & Body Works or CVS to save on beauty products for your at-home spa day
  • Barnes and Noble to pick out a great classic novel or pick up a blank journal
  • Amazon to order your new musical instrument, kite, or board games
Fetch Has Your Bucket List for Summer Pinterest pin


Kick Off a Summer to Remember by Starting Your Summer Bucket List Today

Whether you need a hand choosing healthy summer snacks for your young ones or simply want to earn the most from every dollar you spend, Fetch can help. Download the free app to join the Fetch family, and don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for the latest offers!

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