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Everything you Need to Know About the Fetch Daily Reward Wheel (Including How to Hack It)

By Danny Carlon

February 22, 2023

Fetch Daily Reward Not Showing Up?

Update – January 2024: You may have noticed that your Daily Reward wheel is no longer popping up. That’s because, at the start of the year, we rolled out an all-new feature that is guaranteed to earn you even more points: Fetch Play. With Fetch Play, you earn points by playing games within our library. Not only are games free to download and play, but, unlike the Daily Reward, you don’t need to snap a receipt to play or wait 24 hours to play again. If you’re seeing the option to “Play Now” in the app, be sure to browse the gaming library, download some of your favorite games, and give Fetch Play a try!

Fetch is always adding fun new features, but this is one that I’ve been itching to write about. 

That’s because the new Daily Reward game isn’t just a blast to play, it’s also a great way to earn extra points. And the sooner you start playing, the more points you can win. So, what is this exciting new addition to the app? If you’ve recently snapped, you may have already played. If not, hold onto your receipts!

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The Only Game Where You Win Every Time

Fetch Daily Reward Wheel
The Daily Reward is an easy-to-play game that earns you points every time you play. The catch? You can only play once a day, and you can only play after you snap a receipt. Getting started is easy! Next time you open the Fetch app, check out the countdown timer at the top of the screen. When that timer hits zero, simply tap it to play. 

Here’s where you’ll need that receipt I mentioned. To unlock your spin, you’ve got to snap (but at least that means you get to earn points twice).

Once you’ve snapped a receipt, just tap the button on the following screen to spin the wheel! You’ll have the chance to win up to 10,000 points with every spin, and you’re guaranteed to win points every time!

How Do You Get the Daily Reward on Fetch?

After you’ve snapped a receipt, you’ll see a button to spin the wheel, it’s that simple. You can only play once every 24 hours, so save those receipts so you can have a fresh receipt snap every 24 hours to play the game daily. Playing daily will help win more….

This Hack is Guaranteed to Help You Win More Points

There are already theories floating around about what tricks you can pull to win more points when you spin. But the truth is, there’s only one way to maximize your odds: play every day.

It won’t improve your odds on any given spin, but by spinning every day, you’ll have more opportunities to win big. It sounds simple, but it will require a bit of planning. That’s because you have to wait 24 hours after each spin before you can snap to play again. If you snap your receipt too early, you’ll need another receipt in order to unlock your spin. 

Two bits of advice to maintain a perfect spin streak? Always keep a receipt on hand, and set a reminder to spin every day. You’ll be stacking points in no time. Even if you don’t spin every day, you can still win big. At the end of the day, hitting the jackpot is just a matter of luck. If you’ve got the luck and you play the game, you might just win 10K on your next spin. 

We’re excited to share that a member of our team at Fetch has already hit the jackpot as well as some users, and we’re sure that more will as the weeks roll by!

Fetch Daily Reward Wheel


So what are you waiting for? Start spinning the Daily Reward wheel today. You’re guaranteed to win points every time! 

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Start Earning Points Today

Haven’t downloaded the Fetch Rewards app yet? No worries! Click the buttons below or scan the QR code to get started now. Use a referral code to score thousands of extra points. To refer a friend, all you have to do is open your Fetch app, press the “Me” tab in the bottom right of your screen, and choose “Refer a friend” on the following page. 

This will take you to your referral code, which you can share via text, email, or your preferred app. There’s even a pre-written message ready to go!

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