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How To Use Fetch to Pay Yourself Back This Black Friday

By Kate Michael

November 24, 2021

‘Tis the season of cold, snow, love, laughter, family, giving… and earning Fetch! As one of the biggest shopping days of the year quickly approaches, you should know that not only can Black Friday shopping result in significant savings, but in conjunction with Fetch Reward’s mobile app to snap your grocery, restaurant, and shopping receipts, you can even pay yourself back and earn enough points for some well-deserved self-gifting. For each receipt you snap (and eReceipts you receive from online shopping), you earn points that can then be redeemed for free gift cards to your favorite retailers and shopping brands, including Ulta, Amazon, Target, Starbucks and many more.

Black Friday is a great time to Fetch

Black Friday is one of the best times of the year to take advantage of deals to save money on holiday gifts, as well as everyday essentials, tech, and household items you may have had your eye on all year. And no matter what you’re adding to your cart this Black Friday, you can use Fetch to make the most out of America’s favorite shopping day.

Fetch is a mobile shopping platform that rewards you for what you’re already doing this season — supporting retailers and spreading holiday cheer to loved ones with your favorite brands. Fetch gives you rewards for every receipt scanned, so whether you’re shopping at Dollar Shave Club for your uncle, Target for your sister, or the toy store for your son, you’ll be well on your way to earning a gift card. (Pro Tip! While you get points for every receipt you upload, you’ll score even more points from brand partners.)

Fetch Tips and Tricks

Whether it’s the gifts you are giving, stocking up on groceries for all your gatherings, or even the gas you’ve put in your vehicle to run errands and pick up those presents all over town, as long as you’ve been uploading your receipts to Fetch, you’ve been accumulating points. Black Friday shopping is another easy way to earn points when you purchase from thousands of products at over 300 brand partners.

Making the most out of Black Friday is as easy as snapping a picture of your receipt. You’ve already searched for the ultimate gift and the best deal, so using Fetch to pay yourself back for your holiday shopping is a genius move with no extra planning or strategy required. There’s no need to search for specific promotions or coupons to select ahead of time. You’ll just take a picture of your itemized receipt to take advantage of an opportunity for extra holiday happiness after making your Black Friday purchases, and redeem points for what you want, when you want— even if that means all of those gifts you want to give yourself.

Rewards from Fetch are the easiest way to score bonus perks on everyday purchases, but especially during Black Friday bonanzas, the bounty gives reason to rejoice.

How To Use Fetch to Pay Yourself Back This Black Friday

Here are three specific ways you can pay yourself back after your Black Friday shopping spree:

Treat yourself. Maybe while you were shopping for Grandma you found a few things you’d like to wrap up as a personal treat, too. Or maybe you’ve been compiling a list but aren’t sure your Secret Santa is going to come through. If you’re the type of person who wants to be rewarded for taking care of yourself and others, then use Fetch to reap the benefits for yourself as you exchange your points for free gifts cards to hundreds of retailers. A gift card is an ideal way to reward yourself for your smart spending and savvy collection of Fetch points, and you earn one just by doing something as simple as uploading your receipts.

Redeem for gifting. Fetch has a low threshold for cashing out reward points, so you will see the results almost immediately. Rewards points can be used toward categories like dining, retail, entertainment, travel, and more at popular places like Starbucks, Ulta Beauty, and Amazon, so when you’ve accumulated enough for a gift card, you can redeem one to give as a gift or use the gift card to purchase a gift for someone on your list, saving yourself even more and knocking yet another recipient off your holiday gifting list.

Nourish your soul through selflessness. Put all your purchasing power to good use by rewarding a deserving organization in your community. You can donate your gift card to a charity or use it to make purchases at participating retailers to further the spirit of the season.

If you don’t yet have a Fetch account, there is no better time to sign up for this free service. You’ll take advantage of a 2,000 or 4000 point bonus (depending on the promotion) by using a welcome code, which is a great start! Then, remember to use Fetch for all your Black Friday purchases and you’ll earn points, which you can redeem for treating yourself or your family.

Pay yourself back this Black Friday! Redeem points for almost anything — whether it’s for continued giving or for gifting yourself. Happy (Fetch) Holidays!

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