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A Guide to Frugal Gift Giving

By Kimberly Fisher

July 18, 2022

Are you looking for the best ways to save money on gifts? We can help you score affordable, thoughtful, yet practical gifts for your friends and family, all year long. Whether you need the perfect Secret Santa gift or a loved one has a summer birthday, we can help you stay on budget and save money, in the process by earning free gift cards.

Keep reading to find out our secret tips and tricks below: 

🧶 Homemade Gifts

If you are looking for affordable and thoughtful gifts, a homemade gift is perfect. Not only does it come from the heart, but it can also be personalized to the gift recipient. If you are crafty, a handmade knit scarf or crocheted blanket can make a wonderful, sentimental gift that can be used for years to come. 

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🍪 The Gift of Food

Mother and daughter cooking

People appreciate the time, effort, and skill it takes to make a tasty treat, and homemade cookies, cakes, muffins, and bread all make great gifts to give! Even if you are not an expert baker, you can give gifts of jams, canned fruit, and salsas. If you are really struggling, go for something simple like brownies. This is an especially great gift to share with others, as everyone loves food, especially heartfelt sugary confections.

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📚 Books as Gifts

Books make great gifts for people of all ages. Not only can books be read over and over again, but they can also be dedicated to the gift recipient for an added touch of personalization. You can also find discounted books online, in bargain sales, and independent book stores. 

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💐 Affordable Flowers & Plants for Gifts

4 friends at a flower shop

Trader Joe’s and Farmer’s Markets usually have a wide range of gorgeous plants and flowers that are perfect for gifting. Succulents, mini orchids, and other potted plants make the perfectly adorable, affordable gift.  Plants can brighten up a room, produce extra oxygen, and can even be food or spices. Try to find the plant that best fits the receiver’s personality and horticulture skill level.

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🧺 Affordable Gift Baskets

Make your own affordable gift baskets by being a little crafty and putting them together yourself. For the coffee lover, why not pair a unique mug with their favorite gourmet coffee? A wicker basket, 2 glasses, a bottle of wine, and some cheese and crackers make a delicious gift for any wine lover. A quick trip to Joann will inspire you, as well as have all the supplies you may need to create a beautiful gift basket. 

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🛍️ Bargain Shopping

Woman earning points from shopping with Fetch Rewards

If you are looking to save money on gift shopping, try bargain shopping. Comparison shop online, check the clearance racks, wait for seasonal markdowns and look for upcoming sales. Don’t forget to check for coupons or buy one, get one free sales. Every dollar counts, and you never know what hidden gems you may find! And, as always, you can use your Fetch points to get the perfect gift card or gift.

📷 Personalized Photo Gifts 

Photo gifts such as coffee mugs, calendars, and coffee table books are a great way to give a personalized, memorable gift for not a lot of money. Printing can be easily done online with companies like Shutterfly and delivered right to the receivers’ door. 

🧹 Gifts of Service

Man cleaning countertop

Outside of spending money, give the gift of your time and service.  A homemade coupon or coupon booklet for services can include babysitting, a homemade dinner, household projects, pet sitting, landscaping, chores, and cleaning services. This can be an especially helpful gift for the new mom, elderly neighbor, or anyone needed a break from daily chores. 

🛥️ Give Experiences as Gifts

Rather than a physical gift, why not give the gift of an experience? Try something new or indulge in an old favorite. From museum memberships, dance classes, concerts, cruises, scavenger hunts, paint n sips, escape the rooms, wine tastings, rock climbing, boat tours, outdoor adventures, and National Parks Passes, the list of experiences to give is endless.

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🕊️ Charitable Contributions for Gifts

Do you know if your friend loves a certain charity or cause? Donate to a worthy cause in their name, for a socially conscious gift. Most charities will send out a gift card to the recipient which can be done easily online. 

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🛁 Self-Care Gifts

Let’s face it, everyone needs self-care. Give the gift of relaxation and rejuvenation with fuzzy slippers, bath bombs, bubble bath, or homemade soap. A beautifully wrapped candle is a great gift and adds to the self-care ambiance. 

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🎁 Start a Gift Closet 

If you are constantly giving gifts, it may be a good idea to stock up on gifts you can use all year long. This way, you can buy items in bulk (like wine) to save money, shop sale or clearance items, or regift an item and always have something on hand without blowing your gift-giving budget.

For instance, if your child is constantly invited to birthday parties, it may be smart to stock up on art supplies, books, candies, and games. With a little bit of advanced planning, you will never be caught rushing to the store to find a last-minute item that could blow your budget.

With a little bit of planning and creativity, it can be easy to save money on gift giving, while still finding the perfect gift.

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Happy shopping and gift giving!

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