How To Get Free Books Using Fetch

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How To Get Free Books Using Fetch

By Connor Bonam

February 17, 2023

Public libraries are like magical portals that transport you to different worlds without having to spend a single penny. These majestic buildings house thousands of books that are just waiting to be read and discovered. From thrilling mysteries to heart-warming romances, the collection at public libraries never disappoints. And let’s not forget the cozy atmosphere of libraries, where you can curl up with a good book and forget about the world outside.

So why spend a fortune buying books when you can always visit your local library and satisfy your reading cravings for free? It’s like having a treasure trove at your fingertips! Public libraries truly are the ultimate bookworm’s paradise. Find your library here! 

How can I get free books online legally?

The Libby app is like having a portable library in your pocket. It offers a vast selection of free e-books and audiobooks that you can access anywhere and anytime. Whether you’re on a long commute, traveling or just relaxing at home, Libby has got you covered. With a few taps on your device, you can borrow and read or listen to your favorite titles without leaving your couch’s comfort.

Plus, you can customize your reading experience by adjusting font sizes and background colors to your preference. It’s a modern-day marvel that lets you explore new worlds and expand your knowledge with just a few swipes. So, if you want to indulge in a good read without breaking the bank, the Libby app is your go-to source for free books!

How can I get books to own for free? 

Now, if you’re like me you want to stock up that bookshelf, smell and feel those books, and build your at-home library. With Fetch, you can do that! As you may or may not know already, Fetch gives your rewards just for snapping every single receipt you have. Once you snap enough receipts and earn enough points you can redeem those points for free gift cards. 

Now what you may not know, is that these gift cards can be used to get free books, that you actually would own! We’ve got a variety of gift card options but some that you can get free books with are Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Target, and Visa gift cards

The Cost Of Owning Books in 2023

Interestingly enough, people are spending less on books in 2023 than in 2022. In April 2022 the average book price was $18.03, in April 2023 the average book price is $13.98. If you want to do some basic math to figure out how many books your bookshelf can hold, feel free. I’ve done my math and found that my bookshelf will hold around 100 books, depending on the book size. 

To fill my bookshelf it will cost me almost $1,400…I don’t have $1,400 to spend on books. What can I do, I want to look learned. I can use the Fetch app, shop offers and earn points, refer my friends, redeem those points for gift cards, and start buying all my favorite books! 

Fetch won’t be able to buy you every book you’ve ever wanted, but it can absolutely help you stock up that bookshelf to impress your friends!

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