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Celebrate National Flower Day With Fetch

By Team Fetch

February 15, 2024

Humans have been giving flowers since the beginning of mankind. Research shows the seemingly unsentimental Neanderthals sometimes buried their dead with flowers, and evidence of cultivated flowers has been found across the ancient world.

In a nutshell, there’s nothing new about giving flowers. Nowadays we give them for just about any occasion, and National Flower Day has been established to give them a time of their own.

Whether you’re looking to get rewarded for your floral purchases on National Flower Day this year or you’re looking to offset the cost of the gorgeous arrangement you’re planning to send to that special someone, Fetch can help! Download our shopping app today, start snapping your receipts, and you’ll earn points you can redeem for gift cards to a number of retailers that sell flowers.

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When is National Flower Day?

What day is National Flower Day? Every year, National Flower Day is March 21, following the first day of spring. Celebrate National Flower Day this year by creating or ordering a bouquet of your own for a friend or family member.

How Many Flowers Are in a Bouquet & What Does the Number Mean?

Bouquet of sunflowers

A bouquet is simply a group of flowers that have been selected and arranged into a certain design or style without any accompanying foliage. They can then be re-cut and put in water to stay fresh as long as possible.

That’s the easy part. Turns out, even the number of flowers in a bouquet can be a matter of some significance. Might be something to keep in mind when you’re wishing someone a happy National Flower Day with a bouquet of their own.

  • 1 flower symbolizes unity and connection.
  • 3 flowers say, “I love you.”
  • 4 flowers is unlucky in some cultures, so save four-flower bouquets for your enemies only.
  • 5 flowers impart happiness, goodness, and luck, which is why some cultures accompany the giving of a five-flower bouquet with the saying, “Five blessings on your doorstep!”
  • 10 flowers is ideal for expressing admiration.
  • 12 flowers symbolize a year, making them the perfect gift for anniversaries.
  • 16 flowers wish happiness, usually to a friend or relative.
  • 19 flowers are customary for weddings.
  • 21 flowers can express, “You are my most beloved.”
  • 101 flowers say, “You are the one!”

How to Send Flowers to Someone in Another State

In an ideal world, our nearest and dearest would be close at hand. While that’s not always the reality, there is a silver lining. Even friends in another state can be treated to a bouquet of flowers using a service such as

They offer roses, orchids, flowering plants, and a vast array of bouquets and arrangements. If it’s a flower you can think to send, chances are they have it. Even if you’re unsure, talented florists can help create flowers appropriate for anything from anniversaries to funerals. Each bouquet or arrangement is artfully crafted and delivered in perfect condition.

And if you snap all your receipts with Fetch, the points you earn can actually be redeemed for free gift cards to Don’t have Fetch? Get the app today!

Can You Bring Flowers on a Plane?

The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) isn’t going to make a fuss if you carry flowers in carry-on bags or checked luggage, though water must be removed before you pass security. You’ll also need to keep the airline’s luggage restrictions in mind – if your flowers won’t fit in an overhead bin or under the seat, you might have a problem.

Complications are most likely to crop up with foreign travel. Certain plants may require permits, time under quarantine, or be outright banned, so conduct your research well ahead of time.

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Does CVS Sell Flowers?

Dedicated florists can be great, but why go beyond your local CVS? You’ll find a beautiful range of bouquets and assortments both in-store and online. Convenience is unmatched since you can also pick up one of the many other gifts that pairs well with flowers – more about that below.

There’s also an allure to the potential savings since you can collect points through our receipt app and earn free CVS gift cards.

Does Walmart Sell Flowers?

True to form, Walmart goes hard when it comes to flower selection. Garlands, arrangements, and bouquets can fit every occasion and budget. Handy online guides are ready and waiting to help you choose the right blooms to meet your needs, and our rewards app can work at Walmart just as at CVS. You can even use our app to save on larger plants from their wider range.

Does Whole Foods Sell Flowers?

Whole Foods doesn’t just sell flowers – plenty of larger locations can create custom floral arrangements to order. Reflecting their focus on community and sustainability, Sourced for Good flowers help support workers and the environment. We’ll lend a hand ourselves by helping you make the most of your money while shopping at Whole Foods.

What to Give with Flowers

People light up when you give them flowers. Don’t expect any complaints if they are all you’re gifting – flowers are happiness itself.

Still, it’s not like flowers don’t also pair perfectly with other gifts. Just a few options to keep in mind include:

  • Spa products
  • Artisanal chocolates
  • Perfume
  • Fine jewelry

Treat Someone to the Gift of Flowers and Earn Points on Your Purchases With Our Shopping App

A number of Fetch gift cards can be put towards flower arrangements from, CVS, Walmart, and Whole Foods, just to name a few. That’s one more reason to celebrate National Flower Day this year with Fetch by your side.

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