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Furry Friends + Fetch

By Kimberly Fisher

November 18, 2022

The pet industry is a billion-dollar industry, growing every year with more people considering pets part of the family, and spending a significant amount of money on pet food, toys, healthcare, and hygiene. When you combine your furry friends with Fetch, it’s a match made in heaven, where you can save money and earn points on some of our favorite pet products. Here are some of our favorites, that will also help you gain the most points.

Vet IQ Minties

These chicken-flavored tasty treats for your dog are vet-recommended and with good reason! Made in the USA with no wheat, corn, or soy, these treats help promote good dog oral health by cleaning your dogs’ teeth and freshening their breath with alfalfa, parsley, fennel, dill, and peppermint and can be easily ordered from Amazon.

Pro-tip: After purchasing Vet IQ Minties, scan your receipt to Fetch and receive bonus points.

Shameless Pet Treats Salmon Says Butternut for Dogs

What furry friend doesn’t love jerky bites, and what dog parent won’t love that Shameless Pet Treats are made with wild-caught salmon and upcycled butternut squash and sweet potatoes, with no artificial flavors, soy, wheat, grain, or corn? Your dog won’t even know that the fresh, wholesome butternut squash and sweet potato aid in digestion, while salmon is full of vitamins, minerals, and omega-3s, resulting in healthier skin and coat. Shameless Pet treats are available at Petco, Target, and Chewy!

Pro-tip: Your dog doesn’t love his kibble? Put some Shameless Pet Treats crumbs on top of regular dog food to stimulate the appetite of your furry friend.

Self-Cleaning Dog Brush

If you are looking for an easy way to your dog or cat well groomed, look no further than the Self- Cleaning Slicker Brush. Not only does frequent brushing reduce shedding, improves circulation and keeps your pet’s coat soft and shiny, it removes any dirt and debris they may have picked up. The ergonomic brush has one button to retract bristles for easy cleaning, a comfortable grip handle, and eyelet hole for easy storage. This multi-purpose pet grooming tool is trusted by millions of pet owners, and has over 79,000 4.5 star reviews on Amazon.

Resolve Pet Carpet Cleaner

Accidents happen, and when they do, Resolve Pet Carpet Cleaner is to the rescue. As the #1 brand of stain and spot remover, this spot carpet cleaner is formulated with odorstop freshening technology that stops pet odors and cleans pet stains, dirt, mud, and food stains, you name it! Safe to use on most carpets, rugs, draperies, upholstery, floors, and household fabrics, this should be a staple in any pet-loving household.

Pro-tip: The longer the stain remains on the surface, the more difficult it’s to treat so act immediately upon discovering a spot.

Dog Water Dispenser Bottle

Don’t be caught with water on hot sunny days, with this portable leak-proof water dispenser for dogs. Made with an attached water bowl, you won’t be searching for ways to give your pet a much-needed drink. With one button to dispense and then add back water to the bottle, this is perfect for no water waste, and light and durable to take on any adventure. A best-seller on Amazon with over 30,000 5-star reviews, this dog water bottle is perfect for walking, hiking, and travel.

Pro-tip: Your dog gets thirsty when being active and might not indicate it promptly; offer your pup a sip of water regularly during walks to ensure he never gets dehydrated.

PetArmor Flea & Tick Squeeze
For dog owners, a reliable tick and flea protector means not only security that your furry friend is safe, but also ensures no one in the family catches parasites. This vet-recommended flea and tick medication is reasonably priced and easy to use. Squeeze the medication in between the dog’s shoulders for a full month of protection. Don’t forget: even if your dog lives in a city, year-round protection is recommended for animals of all sizes.

Pro-tip: Talk to your veterinarian if a pill, collar, or squeeze is recommended for your dog’s breed and coat length.

Wild One Dog Collar and Leash
Want your pup to look as fashionable as you are? Consider upgrading an entire walking set to durable and fun-colored accessories by the Wild One. Available on Amazon in many trendy colors, dog leashes, collars, and harnesses are show-stoppers at dog parks and runs. Most importantly, these fashionable pieces are machine-washable and perfectly matched.

Pro-tip: Pick a harness for dogs of smaller sizes and puppies.

Haute Diggity Dog Starbarks Coffee Toy
Your dog might not understand humor, but your family and friends will get a smile on your faces every time seeing your pup’s toys. Haute Diggity Dog is a brand available on Amazon that offers a variety of parody toys on popular fashion and lifestyle designers. From StarBarks and Kennel One to Chewy Vuitton and Pawda, every designer-aware household will find a matching toy for their furry friend.

Pro-tip: Funny dog toys make a great hostess gift for families with pets. Stock up on these under $20 toys for the upcoming holiday season, and don’t forget to snap your Amazon receipts with Fetch to earn award points.

The Worthy Dog Raincoat
No one loves gloomy, rainy weather — your dog included. And if your pup has long fur, it’s easier to put on a little fashionable coat on your furry friend than expose him to extra grooming. Worthy Dog is a brand that provides a nautical twist to dogs’ wind and water-resistant clothes. From a sailboat to plaid and alligator print, you’ll find colorful and fashionable designs to match your dog’s unique personality.

Pro-tip: Dogs’ jacket sizing is measured by the width of girth; the jacket features a velcro closure to ensure a comfortable fit.

We hope you found some great new products that you love for your furry friends, along with ways to earn free gift cards with Fetch to buy even more fantastic pet products to treat your pet during National Pet Month and all year round. Happy Fetching!

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