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Celebrate National Pet Month With Fetch

By Tricia Kucinski

April 24, 2024

National Pet Month is a time to celebrate our four-legged, furless, and feathered friends, and show them how much they mean to us with special treats and care. Fetch has the in on how to celebrate your pet – and earn rewards! 

Before making the trip to your neighborhood pet store, download the Fetch app so you can reap the rewards on the brands you already love and purchase for your pet. Check out the many brands that can earn you rewards, including Purina, Iams, Sheba, and more! Simply snap a picture of your shopping receipt to start racking up reward points you can then use to treat your pet.

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When is National Pet Month?

Our pets undoubtedly deserve to be celebrated all year long, but National Pet Month is observed in May. It begins promptly on May 1st, so mark your calendar for the occasion!

So When is National Pet Day, Then?

National Pet Day, on the other hand, is celebrated annually on April 11. But regardless of whether or not you did anything to mark the occasion, there’s never a wrong time to give some extra love (especially with some belly scratches) to your furry friend!

What Are the Origins of National Pet Month?

In 1981, the United States established May as the month to honor the bonds between humans and their beloved pets, and in 1991, the United Kingdom began recognizing National Pet Month, too (although it’s celebrated in April in the UK).

How to Celebrate National Pet Month (Fetch Can Help!)

There’s no right or wrong answer for how to celebrate National Pet Month, so long as you are having fun with your animal companion and honoring their interests! Here are some fun ways to partake throughout the month of May:

  • Earn rewards when buying your pet’s favorite brands with Fetch, including Meow Mix, Blue Buffalo, Merrick, Rocco & Roxie, Cesar, Greenies, Fresh Step, and so many more!
  • Take your dog or cat on a walk to explore a park or neighborhood.
  • Pick out some new toys (or try your hand at DIYing something they will like).
  • Commemorate the holiday with some new snaps or videos to post online or print for fridge decor!
  • You can’t go wrong with a classic such as cuddling and binging your favorite show together!
  • Get your doggy paddle on with a visit to the lake.
  • Indulge your dog with a game of fetch (which Fido is sure to enjoy even if it’s not yet National Fetch Day) or your cat with a game of hide and seek! They will appreciate the effort to encourage their most basic and natural instincts!
  • Bust out some interactive games to let them show off just how clever they are.

Redeem Your Fetch Points for Pet-Friendly Gift Cards

Gift cards are a great option for the pet parents in your life, or an added benefit to you to save money on the pet products you need! With Fetch, you’ll earn rewards points on all your shopping purchases, which you can then redeem for pet-friendly gift cards at major pet stores, including PetSmart, Petco and 1-800-PetSupplies! What better way to delight your pet than with a fun shopping spree at the store to pick up some new toys and tasty treats?

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Fetch Your Furry Friend’s Favorite Goodies With Our Rewards App

Treat your “goodest boy” (or girl) all throughout National Pet Month with help from Fetch. Download our shopping rewards app and start celebrating! Simply snap a pic of your receipts to earn rewards you can use to spoil your fur baby all year long.

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