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How to Celebrate National Fetch Day

By Jasper Joyner

September 28, 2023

Pet-lovers celebrate National Fetch Day on October 21st this year with canine-worthy treats, deals and of course their pet’s favorite ball!

Is your dog barking louder than usual? Well, they may be trying to tell you that National Fetch Day is just around the corner! Grab your pup’s favorite toy and head to the closest dog-friendly yard this October 21st for National Fetch Day, a time of year perfect for celebrating our bond with our furry friends.

What exactly is National Fetch Day, and can your cat join in? Get all your answers, plus our favorite pet-related deals and toys to really maximize this special holiday.

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Golden retriever running with tennis ball in its mouth

What is National Fetch Day?

What on earth is National Fetch Day, you ask? First made official in 2018, it’s a United States holiday that comes around every third Saturday of October. On this day, dog lovers show our hounds some love with a game (or three!) of fetch. It’s a great way to bond, and let’s not forget an awesome way to get some exercise.

You could say the history of National Fetch Day starts anywhere from 10,000 to 32,000 years ago when humans first domesticated dogs. But more officially, this holiday was created to mark Chuckit’s 20th birthday, a fetch-launcher company that makes it easier for dog owners to play fetch with their pets.

How to celebrate National Fetch Day with your furry friend

Lucky for you, there are so many ways to have a ball this National Fetch Day. For instance, why not make your pet look like a su-paw-star with new fall apparel for sale at Petco?

Or you could give your best friend an extra special treat. Might we suggest these tasty and healthy Minties® Twists Dog Dental Bone Chews? The better your canine’s teeth, the better the fetch!

Some dogs prefer a ball, others a Frisbee like this one from Wham-O (sign up for their email list and get 5% off!).

And, of course, we can’t celebrate National Fetch Day without giving its creator a shoutout. Celebrate the holiday right with Chuckit! National Fetch Day Gearbox Dog Toy from Chewy. Add on an extra ball or treat from Chewy’s Daily Deal page for free shipping!

Collection of items to play fetch with your pet, like a frisbee and a Chuck-It

Do cats play fetch? 

Some cats do play fetch! In fact, many cat-lovers have shared their fetch moments online to bring light to this lesser-known phenomenon.

If you’re wondering if your feline friend fetches, or if your cat is already a fetching pro, try adding an interactive toy to the mix like this 360 Degree Self-Rotating light-up ball. Cats tend to have shorter attention spans than dogs and could use the extra eye catcher.

Every day can and should be Fetch Day when you download the app

It doesn’t have to be National Fetch Day or even National Pet Month to enjoy a game of fetch with your dog (or cat!). Make sure to download the Fetch app and don’t forget to snap those receipts. That way, you can rack up points for more goodies for National Fetch Day and beyond!

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