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How to Get Free Dog and Cat Toys

By Katya Bychkova

January 19, 2023

Nothing in life can make you happier than your pet’s unconditional love. Our furry friends are here for us in our most vulnerable moments, despite all the challenging and heartbreaking situations. Caring for a pet is no easy job, though: with food prices increasing and vet care getting less and less affordable, sometimes caring for a furry baby could take a toll on our budget. This guide will support you in finding the help you need to care for your furry baby.

Dog and Cat Toy Samples

If your furry friend loves playing with toys, consider these services giving complimentary toy samples for cats and dogs.

  • BarkBox is a fan-favorite dog toy and treat subscription with a referral program. Your friend will get double free goodies when they sign up, and you get a $20 credit that you can use to buy free toys (perfect for countless hours of playing fetch) and snacks for your pup.
  • BringFido is a website and app for dog-friendly hotels, places, and activities throughout America. If you book appointments (like grooming and pet sitting) through their booking system, you can claim one of their complimentary promos, such as a free toy or bumper sticker.
  • WoofPack is another dog subscription service where you can get your pup’s first box of toys and treats for just $2 (when you subscribe for at least six months).

Free Dog and Cat Toy Apps

If you have a phone or a tablet, you can download one of many free dog and cat toy apps that will keep your furry friends entertained for hours — free of charge!

These are the most famous complimentary dog and cat toy applications to consider:

  • Cat Alone is a game where your cat may try catching various objects on screen, from butterflies to bugs. The best part about this app is that you can turn on the selfie mode and capture your cat’s facial impression while they are playing!
  • Puppr is a free dog training app where you can train your new puppy or an adult dog for free. This complimentary app offers lots of free video tutorials that will make training an easy job.
  • Human-to-Dog Translator is a funny app that will translate your pup’s barking noises. You can also “bark back” with this app to communicate your message to your furry friend.
  • Lonely Dog Toy is a free iPhone and iPad app where dog owners can play online games with their pets free of charge.
  • Use the Fetch app to redeem your points for you favorite pet brands!

How to Get Free Dog and Cat Toys by Leaving Product Reviews?

If you are already purchasing pet food and toys, you can leave reviews on these products and get free dog and cat toys and other products in return. Consider checking out these review-based websites:

  • Influenster is a product review website and an app where you can leave reviews on dog and cat products and receive free products. Register your pet under your interests section, start reviewing products your cat or dog already uses, and get points for future free product boxes.
  • is a free sample by-mail program that offers complimentary dog and cat toys and other products in exchange for a review. You are not paying for shipping or handling; all required is a few sentences of honest review on products you receive from the company for testing purposes.

How Can I Get Free Pet Stuff?

In addition to free food and entertainment for your pet, you can find lots of complimentary services and deals, from free pet vaccines and low-cost vet services to 

  • Petco offers a handy Free Pet Vaccines search engine where you can search for non-profit organizations that will vaccinate your pets for free.
  • ASPCA will neuter your dog and cat for free if you provide proof of free public assistance; the service will cost $125 without such evidence.

How Can I Get Dog Food with No Money?

Dog and cat food could be one of the most significant expenses, especially if your furry friend is on a vet-prescribed diet. Luckily, there are ways to get dog food without money! You can request free pet food samples from the list below or google your local pet food pantry that gives away the dog and cat food for free.

Search for a pet food pantry in your town and state where you can get free food supplies for your furry friends.

Finally, join the rewards program of the pet store you usually buy dog or cat food. Typically, these reward programs offer free samples or free bags of food after purchasing a set number of bags.

  • Petco Vital Care Core membership is free; it offers pet owners a free dog or cat food bag after purchasing nine bags. This offer is redeemable through the Petco app. With the same membership, you also get every 8th grooming appointment free of charge.
  • PetSmart Treats Reward Program earns points for every $1 spent; you can use these points towards future purchases and receive exclusive in-app and in-store discounts on pet food and other supplies. There is also a free dog or cat birthday gift for reward members.
  • Chewy doesn’t have a reward program but offers the most competitive prices under the Today Deals section. You also get free express shipping on orders over $49.

How Do I Get Free Dog and Cat Food Samples

Request your free dog or cat food sample through one of these websites:

  • Sundays is a human-grade air-dried dog food brand that offers up to two boxes of free samples; you’d have to pay for shipping. 
  • The Pet Pantry Free Sample Program is an online form you fill in to receive a dog food blend specific to your furry friend’s dietary needs. This service is limited to North Carolina only.
  • Zignature Dog Food offers free 4 oz dog food samples at select retailers; request an associate’s help if the sample is not displayed in-store during your store visit.
  • The Pet Way will send your dog a free food sample if you complete a quick online questionnaire.
  • Pet Only is a Canadian retailer that offers up to three samples with dog or cat food orders.
  • Mike Ritland Co offers a variety of free dog food and treat samples; you’d have to pay for shipping.

Additionally, you can receive complimentary snacks and food for your furry friends at select vet and brick-and-mortar stores. For instance, Bond Vet offers free samples of dog and cat treats in their offices.

How Do I Get Free Stuff for My Dog on Instagram?

In the era of Instagram, dogfluencers and catfluencers from across the world are getting famous, earning money, and getting free stuff directly from brands. While not every dog and cat can make it into the top 10 petfluencers, you can get free stuff for your pets even with a few thousand followers.

Here’s how to get free stuff for your dog or cat on Instagram:

  • Concentrate on video content: Reels on Instagram and trendy sound videos on TikTok. It could be a short four-second clip; the funnier, the better. Before posting your video content, research trendy sounds and video ideas to help your videos rank higher.
  • Use hashtags mentioning the breed of your dog or cat: many pet lovers are obsessed with one particular breed and will follow all related hashtags. For instance, I use hashtags #miniaussiedoodle, #aussiedoodlepuppy, and #doodlesofinstagram for my puppy Diva’s account.
  • Look through hashtags you follow and leave meaningful comments on other petfluencer’s posts.
  • Follow the most famous cats and dogs’ accounts and leave comments on their posts regularly. Other fans and followers might love your comment and follow your pet back.
  • Every time you mention any dog or cat products, tag the brands! It will put your pet on the horizon, and the brand might hire your furry friend for a campaign.
  • Once your pet account has accumulated a few thousand followers, start contacting brands directly, offering free exposure in exchange for content. That way, your pet will start getting free stuff and food for being active on social media.

Don’t forget to snap your receipts, earn points on your favorite brands, and spoil your pet friends with new toys for National Pet Month, National Fetch Day, or just because!

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