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Home Organization Hacks With Fetch

By Connor Bonam

June 1, 2023

Organizing is not about having a house that looks pretty on Pinterest, but rather about having a home that is easy to take care of so you can focus on your family. While there are a lot of tools sold at home solution stores that can definitely help you to contain your clutter, here are some other hacks that will help busy parents to organize their space.

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Organizational Hacks

Create a Kid Snack Station 

Keep little snackers happy with a designated snack station on lower shelves in bins. Keep favorite snack items like yogurt, cheese sticks, fruit, and juice boxes on hand. Not only does this save time, but your little ones can help themselves when they want to.

Group Like Items Together 

It almost seems like a no-brainer, but your fridge and pantry will look so much more polished if you group items (drinks, vegetables, etc.) in the same area. Having categories will also make it easier to see what you have and what might need to restock.

Matching Containers 

We all heard about Chloe Kardashian’s amazing pantry- and one of the reasons it’s spectacular is that she uses all matching storage containers. All your leftovers will look so much more appealing (and space-saving!) stacked neatly together. Spending a little extra money to get a streamlined look will pay off in the end, with a beautiful, perfectly organized kitchen.

Store Tall Items in the Back 

Don’t lose the small things in the fridge by placing the tallest items like a gallon of milk or juice containers in the back. This way, you will be able to see everything when you open the fridge door! Keep everything that you use consistently in a convenient spot, like butter in the door.

Organizational Tips

Use Clear Bins 

How amazing if you could see everything in your fridge or pantry? By using clear bins to organize, you can absolutely do that. Stock up on stackable bins, to make the most of your fridge and pantry space.

Add labels 

Labels are the holy grain of organizers around the world, just be sure to keep labels general- using “fruit” instead of “Strawberries” and “veggies” instead of carrots.

Know the layout 

Did you know that there is a method to stocking your fridge correctly? The door and top shelf are the warmest zones, while the middle and bottom get cooler.  Keep condiments in the door, things that need to be cooler (eggs, dairy) on the upper shelves and meats on the lower shelf. The crisper is made for fruits and vegetables, as it is set to a lower humidity, and can extend the life of your produce. Be sure not to overstuff it, prevent airflow and causing food to go bad quicker.  If you have a slim drawer in your fridge, that is best used for cheeses.

Get Rid of Packaging 

To get a nicer, less cluttered look, take food items out of their outer packaging. This is for items like cheese sticks, yogurt, juice boxes, and soda.  Also, prep your foods before you store them for easier access.

Keep Clean 

Having a clean fridge is a great way to keep it organized. Preferable weekly, but at least quarterly, toss out any expired items, wipe down all the shelves and take note if you need to regroup or restock any items.

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