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How to Get Madden NFL 25 for Free with Fetch

By David

July 3, 2024

Madden NFL 25 is coming to a console (or PC) near you this summer, and Fetch wants you to play it without ever opening your wallet. That’s right, you can get Madden NFL 25 for free with the Fetch app by trading in your points toward gaming gift cards. You still have some time before the Madden NFL 25 release date in August, so now is a great time to ramp up your points with offers, shopping online with Fetch Shop, and playing games on your phone through Fetch Play.

Don’t have Fetch yet? Our rewards app is totally free and allows you to earn points on all the purchases you’re already making. Download Fetch today, and start earning free gift cards you can use to get Madden NFL 25 for free!

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What is Madden NFL 25?

Madden NFL 25 is the latest in one of the most popular sports video games, letting you take the reins of a professional football team in a newly revamped franchise mode (including your own NFL draft). New announcers and storylines featuring over 42,000 new pieces of dialogue, BOOM Tech dynamic physics-based tackling and 4k 60 FPS graphics bring the football field to your living room.

Starting back in 1988 with John Madden Football on the Commodore 64, Apple II and computers running MS-DOS, the series has come a long way since then. 

What is Fetch Play?

Fetch Play is one of the many ways you can earn more Fetch Points. Snapping your receipts and shopping from the available offers helps you max out your points shopping. Fetch Play lets you bring in thousands more points by playing mobile games on your phone. 

Every game featured on the Fetch Play tab is free to download and puts you one step closer to your next gift card and free Madden NFL 25. Best of all, you’ll find tons of popular games in library*, including fan favorites like Travel Town, Merge Dragons, Monopoly Go, Solitaire Grand Harvest, and so many more. 

*Games will vary by user, so if you’re not already seeing the game you want, keep checking back, and be sure to download and play some of the games you currently have access to in order to start earning rewards today.

Get Madden NFL 25 Free With Fetch Gift Cards

It doesn’t matter what console you play on, you can get Madden NFL 25 for free on any of the three platforms it’s getting released on. Check your available points, hop over to the “rewards” tab, and choose from one of these gift cards to get on your way to a free copy of Madden NFL 25:

Madden NFL 25 Platforms: PlayStation, Xbox and PC

This August, you’ll have three Madden NFL 25 platforms to choose from:

  • PlayStation 5
  • Xbox Series S/X
  • PC

Nothing has been announced on the Nintendo Switch so far. Pricing is set to be the same across all Madden NFL 25 platforms.

Madden NFL 25 Release Date

The Madden NFL 25 release date has officially been confirmed by EA Sports: August 16, 2024. If you’re looking to get Madden NFL 25 for free and want early access, choose a special edition or an MVP bundle with College Football 25 to start playing on August 13. It’s no coincidence the game comes out close to College Football 25 so that every football fan has their preferred game ahead of football season.

That’s still plenty of time to snap receipts, earn points and redeem them for a gift card to take home Madden NFL 25 for free on its release date.

How Much is the New Madden NFL?

The Madden NFL 25 price point is what you would expect from any modern AAA game: $69.99 for the standard version. You have two other options to choose from:

  • The Deluxe Edition of Madden NFL 25 price is $99.99 and adds on 4,600 Madden Points, Superstar Drip gear, Legendary XP boost and three-day early access.
  • The MVP Bundle with College Football 25 and Madden NFL 25 price is $139.99. 

Of course, you’ve got the ticket to a free copy of Madden NFL 25 by redeeming your Fetch points (gamers average 1,900 reward points per week from Fetch Play). 

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Earn Free Gift Cards Playing Games on Your Phone With Fetch Play

Now that you know how much Madden NFL 25 is, when the release date is and how you can earn more points through Fetch Play, it’s time to start boosting your points balance. Just keep snapping your receipts and playing the latest mobile games, and you’ll be well on your way to a free copy of Madden NFL 25. Or, if you’re not already part of the Fetch Fam, download the free rewards app today, and start earning!

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