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How to Get EA Sports College Football 25 for Free With Fetch

By David

April 30, 2024

Did you know you can get EA Sports College Football 25 for free? With Fetch, you can! If you want to pick up the year’s hottest football game without spending a dime:


  1. Download Fetch Play.
  2. Earn points by playing games on your phone and snapping pics of your shopping receipts.
  3. Redeem your Fetch points for gaming gift cards you can use to get College Football 25 for free. That’s all there is to it!

The release date for College Football 25 is still a ways off, so you’ve got plenty of time to start earning those points.

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What is EA Sports College Football 25?

If you’ve been missing the NCAA series of sports games, you’re far from alone. EA Sports College Football 25 is a reinvention of the incredibly popular series people have been itching for since the PS3 and Xbox 360. It’s NCAA Football 25 under a different name. 

You’ll be able to choose from over 10,000 actual players and the game will feature authentic jerseys, lifelike mascots and the stadiums and locker rooms of the real teams. And you’ll have all 134 Football Bowl Subdivision teams in the game, like the Jacksonville State Gamecocks, the Ole Miss Rebels and the Michigan Wolverines.


What is Fetch Play?

Fetch Play lets you earn points while playing the mobile games you love. You don’t need to snap any receipts for these points, and all of the games that let you earn Fetch Play points are free to download.

Now that you know what Fetch Play is, be sure to download Fetch Play, start playing games in your game library and build up your points before the EA Sports College Football 25 release date.

Get EA Sports College Football 25 Free Using Fetch Gift Cards

Between your Fetch Play points and any you’ve earned snapping shopping receipts, it’s easy to bring home a free copy of EA Sports College Football 25 on all three platforms. Just trade in those points for gift cards for a physical or digital copy of the new game:

College Football 25 Platforms: PlayStation, Xbox and PC

You will be able to find EA Sports College Football 25 on the platforms you’d expect: 

You can expect the College Football 25 price to be the same across the platforms. Nothing has been announced for the Nintendo Switch yet.

EA Sports College Football 25 Release Date

Although the release date for EA Sports College Football 25 hasn’t been officially announced yet, industry experts are expecting a summer 2024 release for all three platforms. You’ve still got time to rack up your points so you don’t need to worry about how much EA Sports College Football 25 will cost.

How Much is the New EA Sports College Football?

While they haven’t nailed down the EA Sports College Football price yet, you can assume it will be in line with most other popular sports games: either $59.99 or $69.99. Even if that’s what you’d normally pay for a new game, we think you shouldn’t have to. 

Download Fetch Play to start earning points on Monopoly Go, Candy Crush Soda Saga, Spider Solitaire and a whole lot more, and earn points while you game that you can then put toward more games.

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Earn Free Gift Cards Playing Games on Your Phone With Fetch Play

Now that you’ve got two ways to earn points and take home EA Sports College Football 25 for free on release day, it’s time to start earning. You’re already snapping your receipts, and now you just need to download Fetch Play to ensure you’re earning points for the games you’re already playing!

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