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The Funniest Fake Receipts We’ve Seen at Fetch

By Chris Zimmerman

October 5, 2022

Here at Fetch, we’ve had some interesting “receipts” roll through our app over the years. From realistic forgeries to hilarious fakes, we’ve seen it all. Enjoy a look at some of our favorites. 

First, a Friendly Reminder About Receipts for Fetch

Before we dive into some of our favorite fake receipts, a quick reminder. Submitting fake receipts will likely result in a permanent ban of your account. You’ll lose all your Fetch points, and will not be able to recover your balance. Our fraud department is always on the lookout for fake receipts and users violating our terms of service. 

Now with that out of the way, let’s check out some of the funniest fake receipts for Fetch our fraud team has flagged so far!

Text reading, "Have you snapped a receipt today? Take me to the app"

The Funniest Fakes We’ve Seen

1. The Collage

We didn’t know Target printed ransom notes.

Collage fake Fetch receipt

2. The Kentucky Fried ‘Ceipt

Honestly, that KFC logo is clean. Rejected, but nicely done.

KFC fake Fetch receipt

3. The Art Student (you’ve gotta appreciate the detail)

You have to appreciate the detail.

Art student fake Fetch receipt

4. The “Less is More”

Simple. Fake. Simply fraud.

The Less is More fake Fetch receipt

5. The Reels Receipt

Those plant-based burgers are practically jumping off the receipt.

Instagram Reels fake Fetch receipt

6. The Smartwatch

Receipts on your wrist? The future is now.

Smartwatch fake Fetch receipt

7. The Excel-ceipt

Which one of you accountants did this?

Microsoft Excel fake Fetch receipt

8. The Inception-ceipt

The “panrea bread repcite” was so close…

The Inception-ceipt fake Fetch receipt

9. The Late Night Ben & Jerry’s

We had to ban a 10-year-old for this one. Sorry, kid.

The Late Night Ben & Jerry’s receipt fake Fetch receipt

Earn Rewards with Real Receipts, Instead! 

Curious how you can turn your actual receipts into rewards, like gift cards from your favorite retailers? Check out our article on which receipts we accept (hint: it’s pretty much all of them). 

But it’s not just physical receipts. eReceipts earn you points, too! Learn more about eReceipts here.

Start Earning in a Snap with Fetch! 

There’s never been a better time to start snapping your receipts and earning rewards. Click the buttons below or scan the QR code to download Fetch today and get started. Use a referral code to score thousands of extra points.

Already have the app? Check out more ways to earn points for free gift cards!

The offers in the app are served up just for you. Some of your offers might not match the details above. Explore the app to see what kind of rewards are waiting for you!

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Chris Zimmerman

Chris Zimmerman is a copywriter here at Fetch. Before joining the #FetchFam, he penned web content, TV scripts and more for virtually every brand category you can think of.