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Football is Back – Prep Your Home for Lazy Sundays

By David

September 8, 2023

Football is back, and for many of us, that means lazy Sundays are back on the agenda. Fetch is here to help you make the most of those lazy Sunday afternoons. Save money and time with some football snack tips, easy recipes, dinner ideas and tips to drive those Sunday scaries away in prep for Monday.

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Lazy Sunday football shopping checklist featuring foods in the Fetch app

Prepping to watch Sunday football with fan-favorite snacks

Is there a Sunday football snack that’s easier to prep than chips and dip? We know most people will go all out for the big game, but you can break out our Super Bowl snack tips for each and every lazy Sunday afternoon. 

If you’ve got a bit more time than it takes to tear open a bag of chips and pop the lid on some dip, here are some quick lazy Sunday football party snacks:

  • Bagel bites and Totino’s pizza rolls
  • Frozen fries or tots
  • Tostitos chips and your favorite dip or salsa
  • A frozen pizza
  • Air fryer buffalo wings or buffalo cauliflower
  • A charcuterie snack board with meats and cheeses
  • Anything you can toss into a slow cooker
  • Some frozen sweet treats the likes of Ben & Jerry’s and Klondike

Don’t forget to load that cooler up with ice and some favorite drinks (like Topo-Chico and Coors Banquet). Encourage friends to BYOB and grab some brand new grocery products to save on the snacks.

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Lazy Sunday recipes and dinner ideas

Your two best friends for lazy Sunday dinner ideas and recipes are your slow cooker and your air fryer (if you’ve got an Instant Pot or other pressure cooker, add them to the mix, too). Anything that’s got a “set it and forget it” setting will put the “lazy” into “lazy Sunday,” but your guests and your family won’t taste it in your football snacks or Sunday dinners. 

Here’s a start to a deliciously lazy afternoon and dinner:

  • Air fryer mozzarella sticks, toasted ravioli or churro chips
  • Slow cooker potato soup, Swedish meatballs or chili 
  • Pressure cooker pulled pork, pot roast or 5-minute mac and cheese

Getting the most of your lazy Sundays

If you want your Sunday to be all about relaxing and recharging, we recommend working on some lazy Sunday reset habits. It might seem like spending an hour on Instagram or TikTok is relaxing, but you’ll get more out of lazy Sunday afternoon routines like these:

  • Brain Dump: Take ten minutes to just list out everything you have to do in the next week so you don’t have to worry about any of them today. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can organize it now, but sorting out your brain dump is also a great way to start your Monday.
  • Weekly Check-in: A good partner to the Brain Dump, checking in with yourself on the past week’s successes and setbacks can prepare your for the next week and push those old responsibilities from your mind.
  • Family Time: It can be easy to get caught up in the day-to-day and forget there’s a difference between time together and quality time together. Carve out an hour for games or plan a recipe the kids can help with.

The important thing is to do what will best reset you, whether it’s game night with the family, sorting out your to-dos or watching Sunday football.

You should enjoy your lazy Sunday afternoons

Whatever you do during the week, you deserve at least one day to rest. Taking a day for yourself can have the benefits of a tiny vacation, including:

  • Improved mental and physical health
  • Increased mental motivation
  • Improved relationships with family and friends
  • Boosted happiness
  • Decreased risk of burnout

Shop smart with the Fetch app

If you want a truly relaxing lazy Sunday afternoon, whether you’re watching Sunday football or just recovering from work, you should download the Fetch app. We make it easy to find deals on your game day essentials and save even more by snapping your receipt and racking up points for next weekend!

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